Keynote speaker: Kerhyl Gantt from Nike North America @AMAhouston #ME2016 

Live note taking from AMA Houston. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

  • Snapchat burst onto the scene only 9 months ago after many other things tools years
  • Consumers want to be listened to, inspired, innovation, and enabled
  • Listen to the voice of the athlete, how the consumer feels and how the athlete feels, dimension alive the athlete
  • It can be done in many different ways
  • Need to tell the story in an authentic way
  • Inspire consumers. Sport is the ultimate game and the athlete are the ultimate players but you need to merge the two and reach the end goals, need to elevate the inspiration factor
  • Celebrate amazing moments and athletes
  • Innovation – how to make athletes faster stronger better, how to amplify this, distill innovation to very simple moments, make it buzz worthy 
  • Enable – give consumers a chance to overcome obstacles
  • The ads areon’t about the products, they are about athletes being excited to use the products
  • General I consumer behavior will never change, only their application
  • [lots of videos so not a lot of notes]
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