Bravery in market research takes many forms 

For the second time in two weeks I am humbled to accept an award.

This evening, the Research Liberation Front awarded me with a Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage for calling the industry to account. I guess what this means is that from now on, I am no longer encouraged but rather required to name names when conferences don’t create gender parity on stage. 

It is too late to say you didn’t realize it wasn’t balanced. Too late to say you tried. Too late to say women didn’t submit. 

When people don’t see themselves on stage, they feel like they are not part of the community. If your conference doesn’t go above and beyond to create parity on stage, ask yourself if you truly care about it, if you truly want to see it at the next conference. If you can’t do it today, then why would women/minorities want to submit to your next conference. 

CREATE the change we want to see. 

And ladies, HOLD UP YOUR END OF THE BARGAIN. Submit to conferences, say YES when you are offered a spot, push your female colleagues to submit and speak. 

[Insert inspirational music here] Together, we CAN do this.


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  1. Congratulations Annie. Well deserved. You certainly inspired me to step up and submit a paper to AMSRS this year and it was accepted. Thank you.

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