Future Shock: How powerful forces are transforming market research by Melanie Courtright #IIeX 

Live note-taking at #IIeX in Atlanta. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

  • Data data data; automation; mobile
  • Automation – mega trend, adopted by vendors and clients, to improve speed and accuracy
  • Fear that it means taking the person or mind out of the research, but there is always someone driving the knowledge, job is to build the job of of the Jedi into the technology, we no longer have to carry about baskets of cards or write our banners by hands, now we can pay people to think not carry cards
  • Value is consulting with people
  • We do thousands of studies every year and even custom studies are just different templates, we can automate a lot of this stuff
  • Automate your fingers and spend time thinking and making things better
  • Benchmarking and normative data are the benefits of automation
  • Benefit of automation is transparency
  • Is quality sacrificed with automation, no it will be improved, errors come from manual processes, automation gives you distribution and scale
  • Automation brings empowerment, put things in field quickly
  • AI lets data become powerful
  • Find a way to fit automation in your own ecosystem
  • SAIV method – 
  • STANDARDIZE , take something that you do repetitively, look at the questions, the order
  • APPIFY it, turn it into an app
  • INTEGRATE it into your ecosystem, into appends
  • Innovate or evaporate
  • We railed against mobile too much, it came from the consumer side, consumers moved to mobile, half of all new panel members registers via mobile, some people leave the panel when the surveys don’t perform well on mobile
  • We are still creating surveys that are NOT compatible with mobile, it’s actually gotten worse
  • People are afraid to change their trackers [You can’t be afraid, you might WRITE it consistently but people already moved to mobile so that changed your norms without you realizing it]
  • People who use mobile are unique people and we need to include them in our research 
  • Consistency is important, but this does not mean never changing our surveys, it means seeking representative results and that means using mobile
  • We must not try, we must DO

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