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 Live blogged at MRS in London. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Moving more with cancer by Emily Fu and Justin Webb

  • 77% of people with cancer are not active to recommended levels which reduces consequences of treatment, reduces comorbigiteis, reduces disease progression, decreases mortality
  • Imagine you have cancer and what would keep you from being more active, physical abilities are not as influential as you think, people have a huge knock to their confidence, feel depressed and vulnerable and frightened
  • Social support and social pressures are influential on behaviour, family is all about sit down and rest be safe, they fear injury or psychological damage
  • There is social stigma around cancer, around scars, and being self conscious, cancer is invisible for many people
  • For some types of cancer, finding a bathroom is a huge problem for getting enough activity, physical symptoms of cancer and surgery are problematic
  • People who were active planned it around treatment cycles, built things up slowly, didn’t get disheartened if they couldn’t do as much as they wanted
  • Need to reeducate via media – don’t take it easy if you’ve got cancer, get moving! Let people know exercise is safe. Created a ‘Get Active Feel Good’ pack for people and families

Creating a buzz around gender equality by Philly Desai and Nasir Nansir

  • Gender discrimination in Nigeria – violence, leadership, decision making
  • Five year program working directly with young people, empower through self-esteem, increase positive attitudes, change the rules by securing laws and budgets that respond to women’s needs
  • Must influence wider society through marketing communications types of activities
  • Quant study to explore attitudes and social norms, what do I believe, what do others believe, what attitudes and behaviora do not match up
  • Violence against women is widely condemned but common in practice
  • Younger people support women’s having more leadership but they expect resistance from society
  • Needed to create a brand identify which appealed to young people but does not alienate men 
  • [by the way, these notes are being written as my friend and diversity advocate @RayPoynter sits on an #AllMalePanel in the next room. He must be horrified. 😦 ]
  • Created a radio drama, created posters and billboards promoting diversity and 50/50
  • – website targeting young people on mobile [bet this site is truly mobile friendly!]
  • Site has 1 million visitors and 30 000 registered, have celebrities and popular people driving engagement
  • Men must be seen as partners, need to message to appeal to men, ‘our strength is not for hurting’
  • Craft messages that appeal to subconscious of target audience

Learning for tomorrow by Jackie Hughes and Catriona Ferris

  • It’s hard for big brands to “do good”
  • #Lifebouy campaign is about washing your hands more often to stay healthy which means buying more soap
  • It has to be at the heart of the brand purpose, functionality is no longer enough, brands with a purpose are growing faster, need to create a purpose
  • We learn by doing and experiencing, context, role playing
  • Let’s create a classroom, students, and bring experts to spark inspiration, bring insight in, get creative work going
  • Did one in London and one in Mumbai, brought in typical experts from India and Vietnam 
  • What is the meaning of education? More blackboards? More books? More kids?
  • There was playtime, colouring, books just like a real classroom
  • Spoke to moms and kids, spoke about real concerns about attending schools, fear of violence and rape, conflicts with kids working schedule, teenage pregnancy, as well as their hopes and dreams 
  • Sending kids to school is like setting them free
  • They wanted to activate the first day of school
  • Led to unicef campaign about the first day of school, first day of school means they are so grown up, one of the most important days of their lives, it’s on their way to their profession in life, it’s giving them a beautiful future, these are the first steps
  • Persia is helping 10 million children get a quality education. #FirstDayOfSchool


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