If your San Francisco street isn’t more than 30 degrees, it isn’t steep!

I searched online for a list of the steepest streets in San Francisco and found five near me. All are over 30 degrees steep, the kind where you slip inside your shoes and the sidewalks are often stairs. I have no idea how many times I stared in disbelief wondering how someone thought building these houses and driveways was a good thing. Do NOT try this walk if you have bad knees! My fitbit says it was a journey of 29000 steps and 133 floors. 

Below are Broadway at jones, Jones at pine and union, filbert at Hyde, and Vallejo at grant. A few others are thrown in as well because come on, you can tell they belong here. 






4 responses

  1. I think SanFran has a sinking problem. Or maybe it’s rising out of the ground. I’m sitting here rotating my phone trying to imagine watching these buildings get built. I feel like I’m watching Inception.

  2. I think SanFran has a sinking problem. I’ve been rotating my phone trying to imagine building those structures, let alone living in them! “Honey, it’s a great house! The second garage is half-buried!” (Of course, the optimist would say it’s half-above ground.)

  3. Amazing! Best Blog yet from this Conference. 😉

    1. It took me an entire day to prepare, that’s why.

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