How better meetings and wicked problem solving propel research-based innovation by Tom Wujec, Autodesk #CRC2015 #MRX 

Live blogged at #CRC2015 in St. Louis. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

  • technology will rise at an expontential rate, industries are rising and falling chaotically, human creativity generally remains the same
  • we’ve built more transitors than grown grains of rice this year [what the?]
  • in technology, each step is greater than the sum of the previous steps
  • London has a number of trains operating undersground for …. mail! Technology lets you look at it at the level of a bolt.
  • Can measure traffic patterns by creating subway systems and highway systems using a digital model
  • VUCA – volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous – this is the state of the world as described to congress
  • businesses are becoming VUCA
  • do you want to buy the fastest VCR? no, you want DVD and netflix and newer.
  • kodak HAD more patents for digital than all their competitors but they didn’t want to disrupt their category
  • uber is the current post child
  • there are three kinds of basketball according to the shoes needed, shoes are digitally developed to suit these specific needs, monitors are built into the shoe and you can subscribe to that service
  • two robots are assembling a bridge in amsterdam
  • robots can do things people can’t, can try many variations in the thousands and evaluate all for strengh and weight, can create an algorithm that a designer can use to select the attribute they would like, and all this in an afternoon [ah yes, tales of my statistics professor who did ONE factor analysis for his differtation]
  • computers create solutions that look like nature, the best solutions are often designs from nature [think helicopters and planes that we designed thinking about birds]
  • imagine creating a dress for an individual via 3d printing, no waste, exact fit
  • technology is being adopted massively faster as the years go by, TVs took many years, iphone took no time at all
  • many sports stories in newspapers are written by computers
  • Watson has better predictive ability than 12 physicians
  • what happens when this technology goes ito a toy? child can ask a toy any question though some questions are answered with ‘go ask mommy’
  • impossible, impractical, possible, expected, required – the phases of techology
  • need to change our mindsets to work with these technologyies
  • showing the technology and the research is not enough
  • creativity is endless and magical, we can explore more broudly and deeply than every before
  • fostering innovation involves identifying problems that matter by exploring alternative and delivering elegant solutions
  • in two minutes, draw a picture of how to do something trivial, inconsequential, such as how to make darkened crispy toast, no words, for someone who has never made taste before – where do you start, where to you end, what are the salient points. in different countries you get toasters or frying pans or fireplaces
  • use sticky notes on the wall, move them around, do it quickly 
  • technology is increasing and industry is increasing but humans havent’ had a hardware upgrade for hundreds of thousands of years so creativity remains static
  • where should you put your efforts?
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