The economics of revelation by Susan HayesCulleton #ESOMAR #MRX 

Live blogged from #ESOMAR in Dublin, Ireland. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.


  •  The human mind always makes progress but it is progress in spirals
  • does how we pay affect GDP? cash, cheque, credit. this was answered by going to market researchers and it affects capital expenditures, government policy, innovation spending, central bank decisions, taxation externalaties, trade balance, security spending, real estate requirments, bookkeeping productivity, marginal propensity to consume
  • If you want to know th road ahead, ask those coming back
  • what is thought leadership?  
  • training – what will happen in the future
  • consulting – 
  • bloggers – they have immense power, inch wide but a mile deep, people turn here for news not traditional media [oooo, could that be me?]
  • retention – becoming bigger, companies want to hold nice events but they want thought leaders in their industry to be there
  • leverage – send people something of value that doesn’t cost a thing, use anniversaires of events as reminders, don’t make it a sales pitch, just make it information  [bingo word :)]
  • marketing – companies realize they can’t be left behind in the content area, maybe don’t have the resources to do it, partner with outside companies to produce niche content
  • ecosystem – people issue more white papers as lead generation [except it’s kind of overdone now, everyone wants your email address before you can read it :/ ]
  • business models – businesses that are simply thought leadership
  • speaking – people want to hear about what’s five years from now
  • People are often scared by big data, you feel like you should use it all but why can’t you just pick up what’s relevant and synthesize that part, we’re on the cusp of big data becoming huge
  • companies are turning to market researchers for help with big data [actually, no they aren’t. they’re turning to big data companies because market researchers have their head in the sand]
  • all the young people have turned to snapchat and facebook is only used for stalking
  • big data turns into new models, new language, business insights, marketable commodity, content management, market valuations, informal mentoring, new language like impressions and click through rates
  • why is facebook valued more richly than a company like toyota or disney, we want to know what’s happening RIGHT NOW, we want to get in on the conversation, we are watching the hashtag for esomar
  • RonR – return on relatonship [i thought that meant research on research, yeah, that’s better]
  • 1 – number of impressions
  • 2 – click through rate of the company
  • 3 – conversion rate – how many email address will be left once you click through to the landing page – for 1 email address i need 1000 impressions
  • 4 – how much will this cost
  • 5 – first time purchasers are more likely to look online for researchers, count them as two
  • 6 – for investment services, people turn to internet for reassurance, fount them as more then two
  • top 3 divided by bottom 3 – created a proprietary indicator, this gives her the x-factor dealing with customers
  • work ON your business, not IN your business while at congress