Research Reinvention at Unilever by Stan Stanunathan and BV Pradeep #ESOMAR #MRX 

LIve blogged at Esomar in Dublin. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

  • What did you do yesterday? Spent it not with people, but with his smartphone. Lots interaction with gadgets.
  • people look at their phones 150 times a day, that’s a lot of times
  • how do you manage your time – he tweeted 20 times yesterday, he took no surveys because those are an intrusion into his discretionary time, only spend time on things that add value
  • putting people first – people are consumers for a very short time of the day, other than that they are just people, why focus only on the consumer, miss really big insights, need to understand people
  • insights is no longer just for market researchers, its everyone in the organization
  • employees are also consumers, they should be understanding consumers/people as part of their jobs too
  • Unlease the power [BINGO]
  • Need to ask fewer questions and do more observations. Only ask WHY people do what they do. Don’t ask what they’re doing [hello big data and your amazing observational powers!]
  • “What’s for dinner” technology – robot that can have a discussion with people, send a text message to the machine, it chats with you and asks what you have in your kitchen, maybe take a photograph of your fridge, gives you ideas for what to cook and helps you cook it via instructions, maybe tell them to call a real person who can help you in more specific detail. This could easily be a one to one interview. Fundamentally transform interviews. Very cost effective.
  • how do we create double impact in half the time with half the cost. how do you make this happen? Many startups didn’t realize they had technology that could help market researchers, didn’t even know market research existed
  • Sharktank – appointed MR mentors to  startup companies to create a product, products we would never have thought up 18 months ago
  • big data has always been big relative to our computer power, given our processing power big data today is just as big as it was 30 years ago  
  • what do you MEAN by big data, how can we use it smarter 
  • they are now doing meta-analysis on the 200 youtube videos they’ve done to determine what makes a great video
  • the pace of change will never be this slow again [scary isn’t it. we think this is fast!]
  • our valuation is what we DO with the data, not how we GET the data [in other words, actual insights, not just data points]
  • small nimble players are growing a lot faster, 8 week studies isn’t good enough, done is better than perfect, stop “polishing the turd”
  • in last two years, 20% of money moved to learning about the future