Insights20/20 Driving customer centric growth by Christina Jenkins and Frank van den Driest #ESOMAR #MRX 

Live blogged from Esomar in Dublin. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

  •  we’ve been talking about this for a long time, does it drive business growth [obviously, but implementing it in a way that works for everyone – impossible]
  • image of ten thought leaders on the team – two ladies [um, problem here, fyi speakers at this conference are more likely to be male, something like 62% male]
  • customer centricity means needs, purpose, and commercial
  • biggest opportunities – insights across whole customer journey, behavioural data, presonalization, brand purpose [fyi, personalize does NOT mean putting my name on your email spam]
  • problems of silos and bureaocracy, legacy systems, making sense, recruiting whole brain people; these are problems for underperformers and overperformers
  • Dimensions of growth – external total experience, internal true obsession with customers and needs, strategic lever that insights can be
  • Driver 1 – purpose led. Whiskas cat food did this.
  • Driver 2 – data driven customization – one size fits all to segmentation to micro-targeting to full 1-to-1. Insurance company does this.
  • Driver 3 – touchpoint consistency – Burberry did this.
  • Driver 4 – embraced by all – Most important driver. Marriott is an example. 
  • Driver 5 – leadership priority. Must be top for leaders. Credit Karma is here.
  • Driver 6 – collaboration – work closely with customers, GoPro is here. Sharing photographs and exerperiences.
  • Driver 7 – experimentation. overperformers are likely to be here. From risk management mindset to full empowerment. Must do this to grow quickly.
  • [nice lists of lowest to highest level of each driver in the presenation]
  • Driver 8 – leading role of insights and analytics I&A. support or insprire or challenge or lead – where are you on this road
  • Driver 9 – unlock the power of data, linking different sources, know what data you have, link, integrate, predict [BINGO word ‘unlock the power’]
  • Driver 10 – Critical capabilities. Mondelez example
  • forty large companies participated to benchmark themselves. largest gap in leading role of insights and analytics, next gaps are experimentation, collaboration
  • NOW we need to focus on detail of the data – No. NOW we need to focus on actionability of data – YES! [But boy we’re good at making charts and tables full of details!]
  • Engage with customers, talk with them, eat with them, connect with them [i.e., remember they are people who eat and drink and play. not just bots that click in survey answers]