The Bakery Review: Measures of Dubliniciousness at #Esomar

Similar to last year’s adventures in macarons in Nice, I’m going to give a whirl at a single blog post about the various bakeries I visit in Dublin. Because if you can’t be here to eat, or you’re on one of those fancy diet things that prevents you from enjoying the wonders of being alive, you might as well read about it.

If you’re curious, keep an eye on this specific blog post as I’ll update it whenever possible and necessary. This is serious business.

Saturday, September 26: Arrive Dublin, find my hotel, find the conference venue

After many false starts at cafes and coffee houses, I finally found myself in a bakery. Not a place that sells coffee and ships in treats to eat with those coffees. A places that bakes bread, treats and, oh, by the way, there’s a coffee machine over there but no one uses it. (Apologies for not catching the name of the bakery. I’ll try to find it again.)

With much to choose from, I finally whittled it down to an Apple Sponge and a tea biscuit. I’m a huge fan of tea biscuits so I was quite happy that these were nice big fat ones, no skimping here. One tea biscuit did the trick. As they should be, it was a little dry. Of course, it could have used some butter if you’re more used to the cake style of biscuit.

The Apple Sponge… was not the picture you see here. I’m guessing two things were named apple so I messed up in what i asked for. It was more like phylo pastry with apple pie filling. So, while tasty and desserty, it didn’t have a home made feeling to it. And, it was sticky as heck.

Regardless, day one’s verdict. B – Tasty, good, but not drooling in heaven.   


Sunday September 27: Presentation rehearsal in the morning, baking hunting the afternoon

My plan for the day was a visit to the Glasnevin Cemetery which is next door to a botanical garden. I quite enjoying visiting cemeteries so I”ve been to a lot. However this is the first one i’ve even been to that had a cafe and gift shop! Even though i NEVER, and truly mean never, go to restaurants and grab a sit down meal when I travel, i just had to grab a tea biscuit and have a sit. The tea biscuit was very similar to yesterday’s. Nice and big with raisins. Slighty dry though I did have butter this time and it was delish. I suspect the scenery helped! B+ I think!

It was also my lucky day in that I passed by another bakery. Woo hoo! Ann’s Bakery has a few more pastry type things as well but, in case you didn’t know, I really really like tea biscuits. So that’s what I asked for. In return, I got a puzzled look and a ‘wuuuut?’ Apparently, tea biscuit is a foreign word here! I instead asked for a scone and then I got another question! With or without fruit?  In my head I’m thinking, oh they have some with apple or currents or raisins or who knows what! Nope. Raisins. Just raisins. But don’t say raisins. Say fruit. Weird. Aaaaaaanyways, the tea biscuit here was still a lovely big size and they were all made in a neat shoved over kind of shape.  On top of that, they tasted quite different. These had quite a lot of sugar in them and seemed more like cake than a tea biscuit. While delicious, as a scone it was not delicious. I’ll have to give it a C. 

Still waiting on that one of a kind, oh my goodness, this is totally stunning find. 🙂