How to keep yourself relevant and contemporary by Chris Savage, #AMSRS 

Live blogged from #AMSRS 2015 national conference. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.


  • you can thrive if you adopt certain habits
  • he has always been the youngest person in the room in the business world, then he went and started his own business, then realized he was the oldest person in the room
  • the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary – Vidal Sassoon
  • you need to work on yourself harder than you work on your job [totally agree, as a massive introvert, it is a TON of work to not be introverted at a conference and on stage. and then you say, well you’re not introverted at all! Job well done 🙂 ]
  • a good artist copies, a great artist steals – Picasso
  • you should do the same – take everything you can from other people. – the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese 🙂
  • 80% of the secret of success is just turning up – woody allen
  • [Chris is a great speaker! Someone to learn from for sure]
  • Conditions are always perfect = everything is always changing, its hard to stay current, its hard to grow – but you can grab hold of your career right now, you can control your destiny, you are in control of your career
  • do you get upset when you’re critiqued? well, get revenge by proving them wrong and fixing it [i HATE feedback. it takes me a while to accept it and then try to fix it]
  • Brand yourself. you are a brand at work. when people say your name, it creates a feeling. 
  • your brand is made up of four things – score yourself on these items
  • 1) i am know by my colleagues to be known as brilliant at outcomes
  • 2) i am known by my colleagues to be expert at something
  • 3) i am known as someone with a point of view about the future
  • 4) i am known as someone who is trustworthy, colleagial, supportive
  • score each out of ten for a total possible score of forty
  • recalibrate your brand every few months, a new job, a new boss, a new project can change your score at any time
  • Brian Tracy – book says the same four things
  • 1) get better at your core competency
  • 2) push yourself forward, offer to do the pitch, speak to the client, host the lunch
  • 3) work on your likeability, people who determine whether you progress will have to spend more time with you, so make sure they like you, go to the social events, be interested in other people, 
  • 4) work harder than anyone else, doesn’t mean work life balance, it means consistency and efficiently
  • the world needs banking, it does not need banks. the world needs rooms for people to sleep in but not hotels. the world needs tranportation but the world does not need taxis. the world needs research but the world does not need market researcher companies. 
  • will the world need what you do in five or ten years? will you be fit to deliver what the world needs in five or twenty years?
  • Do you have the best job in the world?
  • 1) i make a valuable and powerful difference in what i do in my company
  • 2) i continue to learn and grow
  • 3) it’s fun
  • 4) its good for my life and family
  • 5) the rewards are fair
  • if you’re 35 and above, you’re good. If one score is really low, think about what you need
  • what got you here won’t get you there. the world is evolving too fast
  • your career is a marthon – need ambition, plan, preparation, pacing, nourishment, drive, fans
  • career rocket fuel – fill the tank with learning and challenges
  • ignite your strength – you’re running a tream and getting training and being a key person
  • pass the torch – how can you set others up for success [well, you ought to be doing this all along]
  • your leverage is your experience – people want to know what you know
  • key person of influence – what does your bumper sticker say?
  • clarity – credibility, publish content – scalability, diversify your skill set – visibility – connectivity
  • be kind to yourself along the journey, we’re all fighting a tough battle
  • [he had more materials but he ended ON TIME, as every good speaker does. love it 🙂 ]
  • don’t let yourself down

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  1. LOVED this. In fact, I loved it so much, I saved it to reference later. Thanks for the time and effort you take in writing these!

    1. This was definitely a great talk. Lots of little tidbits hiding in there that would be of great use to many people.

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