How to build a successful market research career in the 21st centure by Teri Nolan, David McCallum #AMSRS 

Live blogged at #AMSRS 2015 national conference. Any errors or bad jokes in these notes are my own.


  • Would you have predicted a collaboration between lady gaga and tony bennet? [omg, never!]
  • how many changes are in form or substance?
  • now you can be doing a job that didn’t exist in the 80s
  • many medium sized companies have disappeared and a few larger companies now exist, training has disappeared from the medium sized places it used to be
  • we need more specialists and polymaths, but don’t become a prisoner of your specialist skill
  • MR is the same five questions asked over and over for decades – applies to soap, cars, politics – heard of, what do you buy, where do you buy, how do you use, what do you think
  • new realities and rebrands/fads
  • fit for purpose – quick and dirty rebrand
  • agile research – this is just quality control and efficiencies, henry ford processes
  • story telling vs reporting – but all good presenters have the gift of the gab?
  • new statistics – challenge our reliance on traditional statistics like p-values
  • people want security/stability which is dependent on mobility, careers will change and outlive the organization
  • People want flexibility/work like balance so you need work life integration
  • people want progress/performance reviews means we want real time feedback
  • people want loyalty/tenure requires a shared meaning
  • your boss wants you to be successful, have a stellar career
  • we value the same things regardless of age, we just do it in different ways
  • the pyramid of career growth can restrict growth, fixedf permanent structure doesn’t serve the needs of tomorrow
  • the future career growth may look like flat interconnected tasks, horizontal, in different roles, acquiring new skills and specialities along the way
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