Where have all the insights gone? by Leigh Shaw, Unilever, #AMSRS

Live blogged at #AMSRS 2015 national conference. Any errors or bad jokes in these notes are my own.

  • Leigh loves data, numbers, but she really loves insights
  • the consumer is boss
  • are we the generation that will kill insights “thats not an insight, that a data point!”
  • big data brings more data closer together regardless of consumer truth, but not all data is meant to go together
  • you can find many correlations in data but that doesn’t make it causation
  • source of volume is like gold dust, everyone can press a button and get a source of volume, even if they don’t know what they’re doing or what it means “data can’t be wrong, i’ll just press these buttons”
  • new visualizations are beautiful and more lovely than a spreadsheet, but is the model underneath done right?
  • numbers replace words and data replaces the voice of the consumer – acronyms and charts and numbers aren’t meaningful, you need to talk the same way as a consumer, you can’s advertize with numbers and acronyms
  • world is getting data rich and insights poor, we need to get insights richer
  • you need logic and magic to succeed, creativity is insufficiant, go back to marketing fundamentals, drive analyses for scale, train on frameworks for a new reality, match technology to personal capability
  • focus on proper training not fast training
  • pilot around the passion areas
  • measure insights on how much the brand grows as a result
  • create your own big data, you have an input to big data, if you combine data you can have more
  • other companies are not competition but opportunities to collaborate
  • it’s not about what you CAN do with data, it’s what you SHOULD do with data
  • the head of insights is always a gate keeper
  • show them how to use data they already have, and use it correctly
  • insight – i never thought of that before, and it’s revolutionary and trackable; a confirmation of what you already know is not an insight
  • big data is good, big people is better
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