Respecting the past while creating the future by Alex Malley, The Naked CEO, #AMSRS

Live blogged at the #AMSRS 2015 National Conference. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

(Sadly, Alex did not speak while naked. 🙂  )

  • he was suspened from school as a boy when he forced a schoolmate to prove he had a girl friend, was expelled for ten days and ended up faking going to school so his dad wouldnt find out
  • he recalls being in the hospital for his mother as a young boy and the only person he spoke to him was the cleaner, not the nurse or the doctor
  • can you tap into what your employees do on saturdays
  • you need to speak to people in their own, never have fear or embarrassment  
  • leadership is not about popularity, it’s about being believed
  • managed to get an interview with Neil Armstrong, couldnt believe it, nothing should make you too scared to ask the question
  • media could not understand how Alex got this interview since he wasn’t a journalist
  • you need to encourage people to seek their own ‘big life’
  • if someone isn’t interesting to you, how will they be interesting to other people including your clients
  • tell people what you’re thinking now, in your own words, in real words they can understand
  • he responds to questions on his website with videos
  • how long should you stay in a job you hate? until you can respect the people you don’t like
  • how do you get people so relaxed that they’ll tell you anything
  • every trauma in your life is a future motivation
  • you have skills. mediocitry is not for you. don’t hold back the other people who work with you
  • have empathy and you can work in any role

2 responses

  1. You made it Down Under!

    You’re really getting into this ” Naked ” thing, aren’t you?

    1. Let’s say it had a lasting impression on me 🙂

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