VR, AR, Wearables, and IOT – NOW we’re getting innovative! #IIeX

Virtual/Augmented Reality for Value – by Margaret Martin  

  •  Wonder about the yellow line on the football field when you’re watching TV? that’s it
  • alterometers and gyroscopes in devices are important [spelling?]
  • the device makes it look like a zombie jumps out of a poster and stands besides you for a picture  [wow, looks real!]
  • we can use computer vision to recognize packaging, uses these images to add them to a shopping list, when the shopping list is done you can ‘reward’ them with a littl virtual reality video like the zombie
  • using the camera, you can point your phone at a blank wall and “add” a fridge, add drinks to the fridge, change the branding on the bridge, and it looks real on your phone
  • other people can see what’s on the phone and change it based on your reactions
  • people have trouble jumping from printed instructions to the actual product [oh goodness, i had a HORRID time with the IIEX map especially since the doors were not indicated]
  • dynamic tags can show up on your phone as you point it at the thing you’re trying to understand
  • call center can then circle on your device where the problem is if you’re really can’t follow
  • http://www.cn2tech.com, http://cn2.merlinmobility.com/
  • [ok now THIS is what i wanted to hear about! finally a truly innovative presentation. very very cool. je suis excited!]

Where VR meets marketing research by Steve Needel

  • innovation does not equal extravgent or expensive
  • it is important when you need a better tool for the job, but do you really need a better tool
  • what is on the shelf – pricing, shelf assortmet, shelf layout, packaging, promotions, new product introductions, substitution behavior
  • people think they are testing a new way of shopping at home, asked to shop as they normally shop, they take them to each section they want them to shop at, usually test 3 sections
  • often screen for pasta sauce as most people buy this [love it, great data quality measure]
  • they can pick up products and see a video about the product
  • japan has 28 feet of toothpaste space whereas we normally have 9 feet of space [love these cultural differences 🙂 ]
  • program measures how long they spend time shopping, no questions at all, look at what people pick up, how long they look, which products they buy, the order of buying
  • can ask any questions after the shopping
  • virtual reality – shelf looks same every time, task is easy and interesting, control environment, confidential for client and for shopper, very important for contraception research
  • used to set up a mock store at a shopping mall, but the shelves are often a mess and people are often embarrassed to let people see them shop for things
  • but remember, it’s only a simulation. but the results mirror reality very well
  • do you need a whole store? of course not. use the right tool for the job. show the category, the aisle, or the store as necessary
  • [Number 2 interesting session 🙂 ]

Pointivo – Recreating your world in 3D by Dan Ciprari

  • use a phone to automatically determine the size and shape of anything, like windows on a house, or flooring in your home, imagine ordering new windows and carpets this way!
  • can use a drone to take pictures in awkward places
  • can get to pixel level accuracy, only depends on quality of the camera
  • drone photo of a roof, for instance a large and unusual shaped church
  • walk around your house with an iphone and take a video. then it changes into a perfect 3d image of your house
  • good for choosing household components in real time in their own home
  • much richer experience if the animated video is based off reality
  • http://pointivo.com/
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