Visuals, Behavior Change, and Innovation #IIeX  #MRX 

Live blogged from IIeX in Atlanta. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Rookies and veterans: collaboration done right by Adhil Patel and Sami Kaipa

  • mobile should focus on visual content, visuals are the new language of consumers
  • MR industry doesn’t know what to do with all the pictures we have, we use them qualitatively at best
  • clients don’t care if its called research or marketing but rather if it’s useful
  • ads can make be emotive but they must also be relevant
  • pictures reveal clues about what your brand is most related to – animals, season, scenery
  • may not need to ask questions, hashtag searches can help
  • Need to share results even when they aren’t ready

Behaviour change: five things that work by Tom Ewing

  • how do you get people to do things differently

  • Five stages – Strategy, research, design, implement, test
  • It’s hard to get people to start a new behaviour as opposed to just doing more or less of a behaviour
  • ask HOW questions, don’t ask why because people will just rationalize
  • give people wearables to see what people actually do, look at the environment
  • can you make people drink less? Offer free water at the bar, and in the UK every pub must do this. They put a poster up of someone drinking the free water – principle of mirroring – when you see someone doing something, you will do it too. The intervention was a success in that people drank more water. But they still drank as much alcohol.
  • how do you increase hand washing at a hospital? put a disposable wipe on everyone’s lunch tray.
  • designed a program to show people that they can have the same beer with less alcohol but that just increased use of the higher level alcohol. it may not have worked but you need to try and test.

Innovate or Die by Shane Skillen

  • fear is the most powerful emotion, it’s self preservation

  • digital could kill the insights business – so what are you going to do about it
  • have you used UBER? it’s worth 50 billion dollars now and they don’t own a single car. do you want to become the taxi driver of market research? Do you want to be hotels dealing with airbnb? Do you want to be kodak?
  • the future is digital that might know us better than we know ourselves
  • digital is already affecting our businesses
  • half of us will have a completely different marketing research job in the next five years
  • algorithms mean we need to understand technology, programming – python and R
  • Coursera offers online courses in artificial intelligence, highly recommend
  • apple does everything with 4 emotions in mind: love, surprise, delight, connected
  • “wouldn’t it be great if” aim to start every project like this
  • Just Launch. get it out there and see if it works, fix it and launch it again. plan, do check, act
  • we are married to current methodologies and we must change
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