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MRIA15,MRIA2015Live blogged from the 2015 MRIA National Conference in Toronto. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

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Luke Stringer, Twitter

  • #DaveCalls – a fun trending twitter hashtag with Patrick Stewart where people started holding anything up to their ear with a serious face
  • Luke StringerDid a study with people around a sports game
    • People are bummed out when you take away their cell phones
    • People in the no cell phone room seemed less connected to others, people like to show each other things
    • greater emotional intensity in the moment for the same moment and the same demographic
  • Commander Hadfield knows how to use Twitter
  • 1 billion tweets every 2 days – more words written on twitter in the next two years than were ever printed in every book
  • 312000 about breakfast every day, 600 000 selfie tweets every day, 22 00 tweets about going drinking in the next 25 minutes
  • Content is predictable, peaks at the same moments every day
  • Four buckets of data in Canada [really? this is how the world works, not just canada]
    • to keep up to date, with stories around the world
    • connect with each other
    • discovery, live search
    • unwind
  • 43% of Canadians say they use twitter to procrastinate
  • Connecting with people – share moments of our lives
  • Partnered with NeuroInsight company, examine how different areas of the brain are firing. Looked at personal relevance and emotional relevance and long term memory encoding. This study showed twitter had the highest response in digital medium. The only thing that could beat twitter was personal mail with a stamp on it.
  • 63% of Canadians follow celebrities on twitter – music, tv, fashion. Numbers change by demographics. Huge opportunities for brands.
  • 55% of Canadians follow brands but half of people say they aren’t a current customer, want to hear about offers and promotions but they also just like the content
  • Got 6 times ROI for every dollar spent on movies on twitter

Kimberly SandersonDesigning for Efficiency
Kimberly Sanderson, RBC

  • Team needs to be simple, central, and consistent
  • Avoid recreating solutions to problems, give yourself more time to work on ad hoc tasks
  • The efficient days of famous people look nothing like what the “perfect day ought to look like”

  • you should get to know your peak energy level, know if you’re a morning or night person
  • stop multi-tasking, write a to-do list, limit your distractions including emails, work in 60 minutes spurts, leverage technology
  • multi-tasking lowers your IQ by 10 points
  • try branding your team at work, even if you aren’t an external product that needs a brand
  • stop activities that don’t add value to your team.
  • don’t hire the same people on your team. hire people who complement, who don’t have the skills you already have. don’t look for duplication in your hires. use folders. archive old files. avoid keeping duplicates. Separate ongoing and completed work. Create backups. If all else fails, have a search function. Don’t save on your hard drive.
  • use a central hub for their reports, templates for everything, every employee has transferable research skills but also specializations

Tested for Life in Canada
Cedric Painvin, Canadian Tire

  • handed out a towel to everyone in the audience. it is designed to stay cold for a couple of hours once you get it wet
  • want to be known for innovation not being an old company, want to be known for quality, want to be known for life in canada better than any other retailer in canada
  • They have a group of people who test products and when these canadians approve of a product, the product gets a sticker on the package
  • Products are picked by the marketing group and the merchants. The analytics team looks for testers in their database. Product is shipped to the person. Sometimes they just say use it, other times they are told to use it the way they normally would. Give 2 to 3 weeks to use the product.
  • Cedric Painvin70 000 people wanted to be a part of their testing team. but all they knew was their name and email address. Started using just an excel sheet but then switched to their own online panel the next year in 2014. Added a gated community in 2015 – like facebook for the most engaged product testers they have – 4000 people here.
  • 15 000 testers, have collected 150 videos from testers, films created by professional media, 1000s of profile variables – every question answer is added to the profiling data, 190 products tested, 20 different product categories. Get feedback in 1 to 2 days. Response rate to screeners is around 60%.
  • Sent a window scraper to their testers who overwhelming found a glitch. The company fixed the glitch and now version 2.0 is in stores.


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