Storytelling: From Insights to Impact by Kristin Luck#MRIA15 #MRX

MRIA15,MRIA2015Live blogged from the 2015 MRIA National Conference in Toronto. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Keynote – Storytelling: From Insights to Impact
Kristin Luck

  • Two truths and a lie – Did she eat a one pound block of cheese for $20? Lie!
  • Her family surrounded her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer (and her husband left her in the same week). She found her brother furious at her after her surgery. Apparently, he’d just found out she ruined an album of his years ago when they were kids. 🙂
  • 220px-Kristin_Luck.jpg (220×146)These very personal stories help the audience to establish a connection with her.
  • Selling research is the most painful thing you can do when you are a shy introvert, especially if your first meeting is with P&G.
  • Never ask a yes/no question because it doesn’t allow the conversation to keep going.
    • I heard you went on vacation last week – yes
    • Did you do anything fun – yes
    • What did you do – i went to guitar camp (she knows nothing about guitars)
    • She recalled an episode of the simpsons and suddenly had a great connection with the person

  • Nicknaming makes people more memorable [what’s your nickname for me?]
  • Tell a story that’s memorable
  • You’ve read research on alcoholism. You also know that James Bond drinks a lot. Is there a reason that James Bond likes his martini’s shaken not stirred.
  • Researchers did a CAGE analysis – if you answer yes to at least 2 items, your drinking pattern needs to be reviewed. – James Bond could probably only shake his drink because he was too inhibited to stir it.
    • Cut down on your drinking
    • Do people Annoy you by criticizing your drinking
    • Have you ever felt Guilty about your drinking
    • Have you ever needed an Eye opener drink in the morning
  • The James Bond story is so intriguing you likely won’t forget it
  • It can be hard to find meaning in what you’re doing everyday, it might seem really boring. Testing ten soup cans or 40 movie trailers, there’s just not a lot of meaning there. The same with business strategy.
  • When she joined Decipher, the company was all about WHAT they did. They needed to work towards an aspirational business strategy. Changed the tagline from Survey Reporting to Illuminating Opportunity, and told that story at every chance they got. Increased brand awareness 60% every year, increased social media reach 40%, email open rates 10% higher than industry averages.
  • Don’t discount storytelling for your own business strategy.
  • You need the hook and the link. The hook draws people in, she likes to use personal stories. The link is what connects the story to the purpose, holds the story together – present research results in a unique as in using the James Bond story.
  • Words are how we think, Stories are how we link.
  • 92% of consumers want brands to makes ads feel like a story. Brain processes images 60% faster than words – images are both pictures and stories that you turn into an image in your mind.
  • People only make fundamental changes to their behaviour when they think they are dying. Don’t apply this to marketing research. Don’t let MR die.  Get out of your traditional thinking and simplify your research process.
  • It’s harder to simplify than to make things more complicated. People don’t need fancy stuff – they needs stuff that lasts and works well.
  • Data visualization is way of distilling information down into easy to digest pieces. It’s easier than it looks. There is a lot of technology that enables it.
  • Tableau, Dapressy, Prezi, Infotools – all help with visualization
  • Look at alternative forms of reporting data – many people are already on the hot track to do this so don’t get left behind
  • “But i’m no creative” (said in a whiny voice) – Being an economist could be the most boring job. But freakonomics was written by an economist.

  • Legalized abortion decreased crime rates. The story about boring economics is not boring.
  • Great stories happen to those who tell them. Great things will happen to you if you tell great stories.

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