AAPOR business meeting 2015 #MRX 

  • Beginning with remembering our lost giants [sorry, insufficient time to list them]
  • tried going from a part-time to full-time director but have decided to go back to a 60% director
  • focused on accomplishments rather than activities – action on 8 items but 3 were able to accomplish rather than just create activity [hm, not that great]
  • attendees are most likely to be volunteers for aapor, volunteers are a measure of aapor health
  • Treasurer: projected net income was 0 and ended up better than that. conference net income was 0. journals and education generated healthy income. Had about 5 staff plus a management company. Moved to a responsive design website which cost $70000. Transparency initiative was $21000 this year, expected to be budget neutral later in the year. Have 12 months of budgeted operating expenses in case of emergency.
  • Conference: Had 1074 conference attendees one week ago. 1138 was the final number but didn’t quite beat the record. 90% of abstracts are submitted on the last day.  624 did come in. 567 were accepted. 91% acceptance rate. 173 posters submitted, 357 papers submitted, 35 method briefs submitted. 283 first time attendees this year. 
  • Membership: flat this year. 30% are academic, 26% commercial, 12% nonprofit, 20% missing data; be sure to join your local chapter; always seeking volunteers; annual survey is coming soon so watch for it and don’t be in the missing 20%; moving away from text communication to video communication;
  • Standards: IRB guidance released, standard definitions updated with establishmet survey section, dual frame RDD section, mail surveys unnamed persons almost done, update of online calculator on the way; 6 informal complaints were resolved; monitoring TI actitivies; Survey refusal TR released; big data TF released; address based sampling TF in progress; 1 formal complaint is under way; code review is now underway
  • Communications: developed first strategic and organizational plan. Established roles and processes. New subcommittee on social media. Did marketing for the transparency committee. Did the website redesign and oversight. taking a look at publication style and design. looking towards a new monthly newsletter.  [hi Marjorie! thanks for writing an article for Vue magazine!]
  • Councilor-at-large:  one third of committees will turn over each year to build expertise. can serve on no matter than two committees. committee members will receive thank you certificates. working on international relationships, [shout out to my friend Reg Baker, @TheSurveyGeek on Twitter:) ], please volunteer to serve on the committee to review the code particularly if you are in commercial research
  • Education: education has 5 groups and 40 members, new chairs this year, reviewed current and future activities, expanded webinars and short courses, refined scope of professional achievement, partnered with WAPOR/ESOMAR/Poynter, did one webinar every month [that’s not too impressive, lots of companies do this], ran the ResearchHack 2.0 for 4 teams in 3 hours and winners will be announced tonight [fab idea], will expand webinars, will add mentoring program, want to expand journal offerings, what does ReseachHack 3.0 look like 
  • Transparency: hallmark of this year, launched in september, now 43 members,  completed online application system, finalized all educational materials, anyone who registers before september will permamently be a charter member, continuing to review and accept new members, 
  • POQ:  recieved 230 submissions, quarter rejected without review because it’s not relevant, half rejected after reivew, 33 were accepted, 11 still with authors; acceptance rate is 5.6% or 6.9% or 16.5% depending on how you calculate it, review times are 44 to 65 days,  27% of reviewers decline to review, 58% agree to review and 90% actually complete it, 
  • JSSMR: have published two volumes, average of one year from submission to publication, in midst of transition with new board, expanded readership internationally, WAPOR gets free online access, IASS gets free online access, papers come from around the world, 60% of authors from the USA
  • ByLaws: comments extended to june 15, open voting will come in late june. Gave students right to vote. made education a standing committee. revised chapter language. revised language to make by-law ammendment requirements more easily understood.  [thank you to this committee for handling a lot of less than kind comments from the membership along the way. i massively appreciate the work you do.]
  • QUESTIONS: only one person came up and they thanked the committee for a great job
  • Transfer of gavel: Mollyann Brodie is now the president [Huge thank you to Michael]
  • Presidential comments: our goal is to leave things a little bit better than what we found.
  • New business: Colleen from SAPOR – what is there for people from really small shops, should we do something for people in really small shops; Karen who has just retired – has committee thought about retaining members who retire instead of just focusing on brand newmembers, what is the role for retirees; Chase – points out that the New England chapter is awesome [because every other speaker shouted out their own chapter 🙂 ]
  • Business meeting materials are available at http://www.aapor.org/conference 
  • [surprised and disappointed to see so few people here, perhaps 80 people, especially when the prior session in this room was full :/]
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