Marketing and consumer engagement in a connect world by Michael Becker #CASRO #MRX

Live blogged in Nashville. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

– AIDA – create awareness, create interest, create desire, create action. this concept is 100 years old. [jeepers how irrelevant is that !]
– marketers chum – we throw stuff out there and hope consumption happens and we’re surprised when we catch someone
– once an individual shows up, we don’t know what to say to those people
– eras of marketing – manufacturing, distribution, information, consumers. Consumer marketers are facebook. IBM, Best Buy, Apple.
– reality today was the science fiction of yesterday
– the entire internet will change in five years [will APIs still be around?]
– the iPhone changed everything about phones – look at 2005 and 2013 when two popes were elected. remember those photographs? One pic no phones, and one pic all phones being help up.
– mobility causes and enables irrevocable behavioural change
– newspaper have been decimated, especially in 2010
– children don’t look at phones and see a telephone – they see a tv and a radio and a recorder
– girl scouts take credit card purchases of cookies now
– we are in a participatory economy, people vote on what they want brands to do, we share and tweet and rate publicly. this is the age of the consumer. people are in control
– nomophobia – fear of being without a phone
– mobile is the 7th mass media
– you can buy a living headstone at the cemetery – scan a code and get photos and audio and video of that person
– there is no longer one media path, there are ten
– the average person is carrying a supercomputer in their hands
– media is owned, paid, shared, or earned
– traditional path to purchase used to be one to many, but now it is one to one to many because of mobile and social
– marketers have thousands of tools to choose from now, messaging, media, advertising, mobile enablers
– advertising does work even if you think it doesn’t
– native advertising can put a flight purchase into someone’s Instagram picture feed of a sporting event in another country
– in Germany, there is a billboard that lets them check into facebook and spits out a treat for your dog
– digital displays in walgreens – up to 70% of people interact with those screens
– imagine getting a text message with a countdown of 99 seconds on it. the time it takes you to run to the store from a competitors store is the discount you will get. You’d better take only ten seconds to run between stores if you want 90% off your purchase.
– estimated that beacons will influence 1% of purchases this year
– download the taco bell app so that when you walk near a store, it asks if you want them to make your tacos now
– scan a virtual grocery aisle at the subway station and the food is delivered by the time you get home
– scan a beverage and it will tell you what snacks go with it and where they are [ok, thats the ultimate in stupid. i know what snack i want]

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  1. Dear me Michael. I do hope it was all meant as humour? – “AIDA is… marketers (more specifically advertising) chum – we throw stuff out there and hope consumption happens and we’re surprised when we catch someone”

    The whole point is to try and do it better than “just throw stuff out there and hope”. The point of this useful model is to Promote better – “create awareness, create interest, create desire, create action.”

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