That inappropriate Nationwide Super Bowl commercial

Apparently, the commercial that Nationwide insurance ran during the Super Bowl was disturbing. Inappropriate. A buzz kill.
Apparently, being reminded that accidents kill thousands of children every year is disturbing. Inappropriate. A buzz kill.
Especially when it’s run during a national sports event when friends and family get together to have fun and cheer on their favourite team.

Because, you see, accidents don’t happen during fun times. Toddlers don’t get their hands on dangerous chemicals when families are having fun. Kids don’t drown in pools when friends are over for a good time. Children always take care to time their accidents for when people aren’t having fun, for convenient times, for boring times. For when people aren’t distracted and are paying close attention to their every movement their child takes.

As the only commercial still being talked about a week after a big important game of people throwing a ball to each other has finished, I’m really glad that a commercial about the horrors of accidental deaths pissed people off. I hope more brands run commercials that piss people off. Maybe some toddlers’ lives will be saved.

One response

  1. I suppose if the priority is to get people’s attention, Nationwide was successful.

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