BBM rebrands as Numeris and runs TV commercials about surveys #MRX

If TV audience measurement in Canada is your thing, then you’ve already heard the news. And if you live in Canada, then you may have seen the TV commercial. I have to say, it makes me very happy!

First of all, as anyone who is experienced in social media research will tell you, this is a great move. Acronyms are always troublesome in that they pull in too much incorrect data. Good luck to FOX and ABC channels as they continue to struggle cute a baby fees and kiddies learning to spell! Numeris is a unique word that is long enough to be confused with little else. They will reap the rewards in great data quality.

Second, I don’t know why they decided to run the commercials but on behalf of the entire industry, I say thank you! Thank you for reminding people about research surveys, thank you for promoting our industry, and thank you for doing it all with a little bit of humour.

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