What the CBC Learned About the Olympics Unifying TV and Digital Data, by Kristin Wozniak and Greg Dinsmore, CBC #NetGain2015 #MRX

Netgain 2015Live blogging from the Net Gain 2015 conference in Toronto, Canada. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Understanding Olympic and World Cup Audiences across All Platforms: What the CBC Learned by Unifying TV and Digital Data

Kristin Wozniak, Manager of Television Research at CBC and Greg Dinsmore, Manager of Digital Research at CBC

  • SOchi/FIFA was a great opportunity for the corporation to focus on one thing at a time. Throw everything you have at understanding something.
  • Wanted to help content producers with their shows.
  • Every event was live streamed. Day went from midnight to 3pm and then needed an evening show.
  • TV ratings come in a day late so used digital data as first look at TV data at second point. But that wasn’t quite enough.
  • Mandate to serve all canadians meant all platforms – radio, television, online. How do you get single source data? Encoded digital streams with television signals. (There was very little radio coverage)
  • 97% of canadians watched or listened to sochi content on any platform
  • Web analytics don’t say anything about the people, but the panel does
  • Adobe Sitecatalyst measures devices that interact with a digital offering – website, video, audio, apps
  • Substantial difference between television and sitecatalyst
  • Panel membership showed more content was viewed. But why? They way they count viewers is different. Device may count 1 person watching TV even if 3 people are watching. Group viewing could be the reason for the difference.
  • Digital video was more attractive to younger people, much higher during school hours
  • Digital data might underreport, particularly for large scale events
  • Does digital ADD to time watched or is it at the same time as TV watching
  • Sochi viewer watch far less television than average Canadian, even during the sochi weeks. They aren’t just adding content. Maybe they’re just fans of a certain sport not the Olympics.
  •  Sochi digital viewers were more likely to be fans of sports in general, they watch less TV in general, they are cord-cutters, less likely to consume TV
  • Maybe digital viewers have replaced some TV with digital and they only add on when they are really interested in the sport
  • Digital viewers are more volatile in their viewing profiles
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