Chuck Chaprapani + Ken Deal + Annie Pettit = A great #MRX textbook

The stars have aligned to delay the implementation of my 2015 plan. I’m sorry Python and Rstats, you just got put on the back burner.

I am thrilled, however, to say that Python has to wait because I will be working with Chuck and Ken on a marketing research textbook. What’s so great about this book? Lots!

  •  It shares both the theory of how marketing research should be conducted as well as how marketing research is <em>actually</em> conducted. Did you learn about box scores in college? I doubt it. Did you know about 300 page data tables in college? I doubt it.
  • It is written by renowned statisticians (that would be Chuck and Ken) who practice in the real world of business. Where clients have unending demands, deadlines that passed a week ago, and research objectives that change on a daily basis.
  • It reflects how how our industry works <em>today</em>. With online surveys, non-probability sampling, and punch cards. Wait. Nope. No punch cards.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled in the coming months as more information becomes available! In the meantime, come along for the ride on our Facebook page.


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