Ten things that piss me off

That’s the sort of title that generates a lot of clicks. People love to complain and hear complaints. But in all honesty, though I may complain about ten different things every day, I am truly thankful for so much more every minute.

For every subway train I miss by mere seconds, I am thankful that I have the money required to get on a train and ride a couple of miles instead of walking for an hour.

For every pair of pants that I have to buy, I am thankful that I just walk to the store and try on 20 or 30 pairs. Not one pair. Not the only pair. Not a pair that four siblings have worn before me.

For every meal that has onions and mushrooms in it, I am thankful that I can eat anything I want, as much as I want, at any time I want, every single day of the year.

I am thankful when I wake up in a warm bed and when I go to sleep under comfy covers. I am thankful sitting on my couch, sitting in my front stoop, and walking through a park. I am thankful on Fridays and Mondays. At 7am and 5pm.

I am thankful when the subway is late, when the power goes out, when the traffic is ridiculous, when my flight is cancelled, when the TV breaks, when the Internet is down, when the blue screen of death flashes before me, when the laundry isn’t done, when there’s ‘nothing’ in the fridge. I am no more thankful on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Everyday in Canada is Thanksgiving.



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  1. Very nicely done! C

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