What #MRX software should you learn?

I see the writing on the wall and it says data science. As more and more devices join the internet of things, as more shoes and fridges and chairs and hairbrushes upload data about frequency, duration, latency and more to the interweebs, it becomes more and more clear to me that manipulating ridiculous volumes of data is the future of marketing research. No more will we ask people how often they buy and wear shoes, or which shoes they wear in which weather. We will simply read the writing in the cloud. Marketing researchers cannot rely on their old standbys while everyone else learns the always evolving tools of the research trade.

I see the writing on the wall and it says Python. A few days after internalizing that writing, I made a purchase of two paper and ink products that will never break upon being dropped on concrete. These two things, ancient learning tools called ‘books’ will be my friends for a while this year.

And interestingly, shortly after these ‘books’ came into my possession, I came across this post by Amy. I’m good with SQL and good with Excel but what about the two items in between? Well, R and Python, here we go!

programsI’ve downloaded and installed the software. And, as all good newbies do, I created my first bit of Python ‘code’. Here goes! 🙂
hello world python

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