If you haven’t seen #FeministHackerBarbie yet…

stupid barbie computer engineerIf you haven’t yet seen the book “I can be a computer engineer” starring Barbie, you’re in for a disappointing treat. The title sounds great but when you read that Barbie needs two boys to actually do the programming for her, you’ll start shaking your head.


Fortunately, to the rescue comes Feminist Hacker Barbie, a website where you correct all the words to the story. However you see fit. You’re welcome.

Given the backlash, some people have taken the meme to the complete other extreme making the boys look stupid, the point has been made. Barbie CAN be a computer engineer. By herself. Without being rescued by someone else.

Follow the tweetstream here.

Do feel free to share the link to YOUR Hacker Barbie and I’ll include it here.

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