Weighting and Reweighting #MRX

Here are the relevant stages of a research project.

  1. create a sampling plan based on the required characteristics for the project
  2. go into field and gather data from research participants such that the returns look similar to the sampling plan
  3. if the difference between the sampling plan and your returns is large, go back to step 2
  4. if the difference is small, weight the returns to match your sampling plan
  5. if upon analysis of the results you determine that your weights were calculated incorrectly, reweight the data

Did you catch that? You can’t reweight data unless you’ve already weighted it at least once before. So, if you catch yourself using the word reweight in your next report, ask yourself if you really did reweight the data. You probably didn’t. So don’t say it.

Today’s grammar and statistics rant is brought to by the number pink and the letter seventeen.


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