How marketing researchers can start being more ethical right now #MRX

I challenge you to rethink your behaviours. I challenge you to jump off that pedestal of marketing researchers are more ethical than other people in the marketing world and think about whether you’re being as ethical as you like to think you are. I challenge you to:

1) tell people that answering your survey or participating in your focus group might make them sad or uncomfortable or angry
2) recognize that benign questions about age, gender, income, brand loyalty, weather, and politics make people unhappy, uncomfortable, and angry
3) incentivize people when they quit a survey partway through especially when a question may have made them uncomfortable
4) allow people to not answer individual questions but still complete the entire survey
5) debrief people at the end if surveys by sharing some details about how the results will be used to make people happier via better products and services

Can you hold yourself to a higher standard? Can you start right now?


3 responses

  1. As a CX consultant presented with customer feedback that has been taken at a point which suits the customer and encourages issue feedback which are left unresolved which is then used to develop improved integrity through CX, I think the view is wonderfully uncomfortable for researchers. I will be taking these points with me to my next customer experience assignment.

  2. This is awesome. I am assuming you are on the consumer end? One of the millions that Market Researchers pay to provide your opinion…when it matters to them? It would be very interesting to be a fly on the wall in that debate…I do not see anyone listed who is not on the researcher end to provide feedback from the other side.

    1. Everyone in the debate was a market research provider including me. I often take an extreme point of view on the side of the regular consumer for just that reason. We need to remember that there is a human being on both sides of the coin.

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