How Funny and Clever Earns Budget and Respect by Adam Cook, Pilot Media, Inc. #CRC2014 #MRX

CRC_brochure2013Live blogging from the Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

How Funny and Clever Earns Budget and Respect
Adam Cook, Pilot Media, Inc.

  • [classic Seinfeld episode – George decides to do the opposite and confess to a gorgeous lady he lives with his parents]
  • The more data we share, the less engaged our audience becomes, less likely they are to act as a result
  • be aware of the stereotypes people have before we even say a word
  • We need to understand communications: Grab their attention, hold their attention, get them to act
  • Grab attention
    • Share something unexpected but relevant – not the dancing gorilla
    • be authentic and connect by relating
    • acknowledge the stereotypes- avoid the negatives and embrace the positives
  • Hold attention
    • share a road map to the presentation
    • nothing builds credibility like someone else’s. quote people, use other people’s case studies.
    • give timely real and engaging examples to demonstrate the value
  • Move people to act
    • through attention, engagement, credibility, simplicity, examples, logic and emotion
    • demonstrate a passion and maintain an authentic orientation
  • Decision making – Widen your options. If you’ve got options A and B, try to figure out what options C and D are.
  • Reinforce your points with relateable examples outside research
  • Be aware you may have biases going in to a project
  • Research is a recovery process – admit your weaknesses, admit to your problems, don’t return to biased decision making
  • Go beyond the research and demonstrate how it’s all for not without follow through
  • Short term emotions tempt you to make the wrong decisions
  • use a credible and alarming source that can grab attention, hold attention, and inspire action
  • Don’t be overconfident about the future – “The future isn’t a point, it’s a range”
  • [every research needs to watch the movie Moneyball]
  • [Okay, the presentation wasn’t about funny as opposed to being about relateable. all good. 🙂 ]


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