Discover the Science of Fascination by Sally Hogshead, Fascinate, Inc. #CRC2014 #MRX

CRC_brochure2013Live blogging from the Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Discover the Science of Fascination by Sally Hogshead, Fascinate, Inc.

  • 60% of people think they are better looking than average
  • 80% of people think they are better drivers than average
  • 90% of people think they are more intelligent than the average person
  • only 39% of people think they are more fascinating the the average person
  • how do you turn ideas into fascinating ideas
  • you can turn every piece of research into a commodity or a meaningful, fascinating experience and this is more valuable
  • you can’t just create and report on research, you have to make it fascinating so they know what to do you
  • your own personality can be a commodity or fascinating. What are your personality characteristics and advantages that make you fascinating and more valuable. People want to talk about you, work with you, promote you.
  • People who are evenly matched on absolutely everything – person who can connect rises more quickly and makes more money
  • Add layers of value to a product that may be a commodity
  • brands need to know how they are different and what they do best. How are YOU different and what do you do best.
  • when you understand how your personality communicates effectively, then you can focus on those traits that will make you more valuable
  • IMG_2666[1]at the highest level of poker, it is a game of understanding how the person on the other side of the table sees you. What cues are you sending out? You have an advantage in certain situations. Other areas, you may have a disadvantage and you need to know what those are.
  • [Sally Hogshead wants to rock our world which means she has just stopped the presentation because the screen is flickering and her sound is going in and out.  🙂 ]
  • some people are incredibly good at detail, others are in incredible at building relationships, you need to know what your strength is
  • when you need to hire people, be aware of your weaknesses and hire for those
  • everyone over-delivers in some areas and under-delivers in other areas. be aware and know that it’s okay
  • Why are people high performers? they over deliver in four areas –
    • they specialize in one area. They don’t have just one personality type, but they do have a specialty.
    • they are worth more than they’re being paid. You can increase salaries without increasing overhead.
    • They over deliver in one specific area. you can be all things to all people. people don’t hire you because you’re balanced but because your’re extraordinary in something. you are not perfect for everything and you don’t have to be.
    • Didn’t compete on price because they’re not a commodity. there is the most valuable you and the least valuable you. The most valuable you attracts the best clients and partners and projects. you get to be yourself every time you come to work. be more of who you are.
  • IMG_2670[1]7 patterns, ways to community
    • Power – language of confidence, opinionated, confident, authority
    • Passion – relationship builders, create bonds  !!!   🙂  LOL  “Let’s brainstorm!”
    • Mystique – hang back and watch and listen, language of listening. Don’t want to know how the sausage is made. Just tell me the answer. And don’t tell me twice. [this might be me]
    • Prestige – overachievers with high standards
    • Alert – love details
    • Innovation – problem solvers
    • Trust – stable and reliable
  • irrational captivation of a purchase – everything might be the same as everything else but find that one thing that fascinates you and you must then buy it
  •  archetype is how the world sees you at your best
  • here is the data on what WE look like
  • After you answer the quiz, the book gives you the exact words to you describe yourself to others
  • Taglines are really efficient ways to describe your personality, who you are at your best
  • Researchers are more likely to be innovators
  • Each of her business cards costs $2 – intention is to create a relationship. every card can be tracked for revenue. every card results in $48.
  • The world needs insight and connection and to feel fascinating
  • IMG_2679[1]Business card or Engagement card
  • Her personality is the “Catalyst.”  She uses relationships and creativity. She doesn’t hire other catalysts.
  • When you put all the same personalities together, you miss important features. Don’t replicate but rather optimize.
  • Focus on different not better
  • Most important thing to build a business/company/career – establish why you are the perfect solution to their problem
  • What one need does your client/employer have? Why are you the perfect solution to that problem. How do you do it differently? Someone else will be better/faster/stronger. You can’t beat that. But how are you uniquely designed to solved it? Ask other people who you are at your best. Distill it down to a tagline.
  • IMG_2687[1]“just do it”
  • “ultimate driving machine”
  • [Annie is…… – how would you fill this in for me?]
  • What is your anthem? – Anthem commercials. The big, rousing, wrap it up, Superbowl commercial.
  • Two parts to your anthem – How you are DIFFERENT – choose an adjective, What you do BEST – choose a noun
  • [lots of self-evaluation now, reviewing worksheets to discover who we are individually]
  • “my distinct value is my ability to deliver… adjective… noun.
  • [my colleague Coushatta just got picked on for her distinct value. Ask her what it was! And, of course, buy her a drink tonight. 🙂  ]
  • You don’t learn how to be fascinating. You learn how to be unboring.
  • A hogshead was used to ship alcohol
  • Don’t change who you are, become more of who you are
  • Unlearn boring


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  1. I wish I were there with you! Love Sally’s work! Love your interpretation. 🙂

    Can you elaborate on what she said here: >>People who are evenly matched on absolutely everything – person who can connect rises more quickly and makes more money<<

    1. among people who are exactly the same in every way, the person who can connect with other people rises more quickly and makes more money
      better? 🙂

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