Clients Speak and Vendors Listen #ESOMAR #MRX

esomarLive blogging from #ESOMAR Congress 2014 in Nice, France. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Why Do I Still Come To Work?: What motivates long-time market researchers to stay, and what will motivate young ones to remain in the industry? by Andrey Evtenko, Nestlé, Switzerland, Jeremy Pace, Nestlé, Switzerland

  • Also noticed that most people just fall into research. But why do they stay.
  • [Maslows hierarchy is shown. again. but it’s missing the wifi and battery base. 🙂 ]
  • Do market researchers seek self-actualization, the top of the pyramid?  [Yes, I do]
  • 16 drivers to motivate people to work in MRX via exploratory qual and surveys
  • Self actualize – Intellectual challenge, opportunity to be a deep knowledge expert, leverage innate strengths, power of surprise, opportunity for creativity
  • Self esteem – confidence, achievement, respect of others, need to be unique individual
  • At large we are driven by universal motivations
  • Intellectual challenge – We are compulsive puzzle solvers
  • Power of surprise and discover – More salient with younger people [for me, it’s getting sql code to work and then BANG the result is not what you expected]
  • Opportunity to be a deep expert – someone people can trust, can guide other people
  • Leverages inner strengths – curiosity is in their nature, learning from other people
  • How are we different from marketing?  Marketing like launching, we like learning
  • What about young researchers?  More purposeful and intentional when they get into the industry. want intellectual challenge, but 30% are not committed to stay in MR
  • How to self actualize – people want control over their lives, people want to get better at what they do, people want to be part of something bigger than they are – Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose – intrinsic motivators
  • Strive for perfect even though you know you will never achieve. Never finish trying. People find this energizing
  • Confections bring happiness to people’s lives, brings value to others [bring the value here!]
  • Find your own inspiration. Intrinsic motivation is in here. [Totally agree. YOU are in control of your happiness and your career]

Make Your Stakeholders Smarter: Moving beyond the dashboard and into configurable insights by Christian Kugel, AOL, USA, Thomas Kelly, AOL, USA

  • How do you make other people smarter? Can you? No.
  • AOL survived the worst merger in global history with Warner, But, Number 2 in video ad servicing, Number 2 in ad tech and programmatic ads
  • it’s getting harder to bring in 1.8 billion dollars in revenue
  • Prove my campaign is working for me, lunch was nice, your pitch was nice, but prove it
  • Need people and technology to solve this problem
  • Set up a team for RFPs and deliverables, but had to automate beyond people
  • Sample size of 1 case studies can create sales, but they aren’t typical. why not use billions of records to show normative results
  • dashboards not so great, unless the takeaway and story are the dashboard
  • meta-tag me – super important, distill and simplify, we always lose knowledge in the endless loo that is the share drive. tag every study with method, result, sources, tools so that anyone can kind relevant information later on, even after you’ve forgotten about about it
  • To democratize data, be neither slave nor master but liberator

Inspiring Insight to Action: The evolution of MasterCard Priceless Cities by Christina (Tina) M. Nathanson, MasterCard, USA

  • IMG_3422[1][Starts with a shoutout to her mom 🙂  ]
  • “For everything else there’s mastercard” – 17 years old, 112 countries, 53 languages
  • We need to enable priceless moments. Heard of a priceless city?
  • How did research inspire?  Have you lived in a city your whole live and never visited the tourist attractions?
  • People identify themselves as being from a city, not a country
  • By 2050, 2/3 of world population will live in a city
  • Evolution of priceless cities – move from data gatherers to being insight drivers
  • Created a world travel index – where do affluent travelers go?
  • Want to understand cross border spending – concentrated in 20 global cities, generally among the affluent – spending 218 billion dollars, spend $1245 on an average trip [I’ve spent about $40 on macarons 🙂 ]
  • Identify shopping passions, sporting events, restaurants and classified by race, city origin
  • How do we create the next generation of priceless cities.
  • Project to bring Brazilian customer to life – Meet and greet between consumers and executives, travelers want to learn about the hidden gems, things only locals know about
  • Now relaunching priceless cities, one in Toronto. Offer mastercard users special offers and information of things to explore in a new city. Let’s merchants promote their brands abroad. Gives consumers a reason to use their mastercard.
  • Works well on all devices – same experience on phone and on desktop [yup, i’m sick of getting less content via mobile phone]

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