The Talent Contest: Young Researcher of the Year Award Finals #ESOMAR #MRX

esomarLive blogging from #ESOMAR Congress 2014 in Nice, France. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

These are the three finalists in the talent contest

Measuring Emotions: Automatic Quantification of Emotions on a Huge-scale using Webcams and the Cloud by Daniel McDuff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

  • IMG_2476[1]Measuring via surveys misses some aspects including emotions, you can capture visceral responses, facial responses
  • Used webcam to capture people watching content in a natural environment – their living room. Have collected hundred of thousands of responses now. Have looked at how these measurements predict marketing effectiveness. What makes people share a video?
  • These approaches are quantifiable and automatic.  Simply need a camera on a laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • Look at eyebrow raises, smiles, smirks, nose wrinkles, upper lip raising; Extract blood flow, heart rate in skin by looking at colour changes
  • Can do it over the internet, globally, every country around the world from your desktop
  • Accurate predictions of ad likability [is it better than other methods, more useful than other methods?]
  • Measured 170 ads – More accurate than self-report alone
  • 2012 US election campaign – evaluated responses to the debate, collected data in real time, in 24 hours from debate time they had thousands of reactions that couldn’t be got in a lab
  • Use it to rate online courses – which parts of lectures are boring, too complicated and frustrating

The Motivational Science of our Constantly Connected World by Juliana Smith Holterhaus, Lumi, USA

  • IMG_2480[1]FOMO – fear of missing out if you don’t have your mobile device
  • Why do we feel the need to constantly check out devices? How does this impact our well-being?
  • Motivation science: Prevention – concerned about safety and security; Promotion – concerned about gains and advancements
  • Regulatory mode: Assessment – what is real and true; Locomation – maintain movement, sometimes for the sake of change
  • Collected passive data – number times devices accessed, apps opened, length of time online and apps used
  • High assessors want to know what is real and true and they access deliberately far more often than anyone, the device is a resource for fulfilling motivations of acquiring new information
  • Low Preventers feel they are being bad at being vigilant and use devices to help them be vigilant. It improves well being for them. It’s not neurotic and compulsive as we think
  • “Alone Together” Book about connecting with people around the world but forgetting the person sitting next to you [NOT true, i’m tweeting with the person sitting next to me 🙂 ]

Bringing The Invisible To Light: Researching the homosexual community in India and cutting through the social stigma by Pallavi Dhall, IMRB International, India

  • Suicide because they are gay – this is a reality in India. Culture does not accept it yet.  #HomosexualityIsACrime. [This is infuriating!]
  • IMG_2482[1] Must stay in the closet as they are seen as criminals
  • We can’t NOT talk about this
  • MSM – Men who have sex with men
  • Stigmatized, mockery, discriminated against, vulnerable, prejudiced – many programs have been unsuccessful because community is too frightened to be noticed as part of a program
  • How do you reach 1650 hard to reach MSM – not registered as part of programs or services
  • The effeminate men are easier to see but their partners can blend into the regular culture much easier. Very hard to find them.
  • Forget probability sampling. Huge privacy concerns. Snowballing is not representative, limited control, and skewed. It is convenient and practical.  [Delighted to hear someone talk about less than stellar methodology. THIS is reality.]
  • Used instead respondent driven sampling – #RDS. Peers do it better, seed selection, coupon allotment, dual system of incentives. 3-4 coupons per participant.
  • can estimate network size, greater control, more representative, more external validity
  • Physical space for interviews was a challenge. Lots of resistance from neighborhood that didn’t want MSMs near them.
  • could not take names or details so they used optical scanner and fingerprinting. Not mandatory but still interviewed. Used to track risk behaviours over time.
  • Informed consent was a mandate. Everyone had to be trained and certified.
  • #RDS works in a close knit community. Artists, Auto research, weight loss clubs, financial services, surrogate buffers

Winner of the Young Researcher of the Year Award is….Pallavi Dhall. YAY!!!

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