I Choo Choo Choose Melanie Courtright for #ESOMAR Council

Why should you vote for Melanie Courtright on your Esomar council?

Melanie is not only a good friend of mine, she is a great Research Now colleague who has smart ideas and always strives to do the best in everything. That’s why I’m choo choo choosing Melanie when I vote for the Esomar Council.

Why else?

  • Two decades of experience designing, executing and interpreting research
  • Online Quality Guidelines co-Author
  • MRA Board Member since 2009
  • ARF Fundamentals of Quality Initiative leader and author, 2012-2014
  • University of Georgia’s MRII Board Member since 2013
  • ESOMAR Best Methodological Paper Award 2013
  • ESOMAR Excellence Award for the Best Paper 2013/2014
  • CASRO Digital Conference Co-Chair, 2014 Expert Research Methodologist, specializing in online, mobile, and digital techniques

Please vote!

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