The MR Inspiration Den – 60 Seconds and 12 Sales Pitches #ESOMAR #MRX

esomarLive blogging from #ESOMAR Congress 2014 in Nice, France. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

THE MR INSPIRATION DEN: Watch our sponsors and exhibitors go head to head in the MR Inspiration Den. They have 60 seconds to dazzle the judges and gain their vote to make it to the next stage…… Who will be the winner?

Judges – David McCaughan, Pravin Shekar, (one more person, missed the name)

  1. Chris from SSI – PowerPoint slides listing basic products, services, employees.  C
  2. Mark from Bilendi – PowerPoint slides of basic products, services. One cute slide with his face pointing to data sources. Finished exactly on time. C
  3. Val from Toluna – Reading a bit from notes. Powerpoint slides, standard products, services. Over time. C-
  4. Craig from C&C marketing – Very much reading his notes.  Standard products and services. Forgot to show his slides. D
  5. Terry from Confirmit – Tiny font on his ppt slides. Spoke about issues not products.  Over time. (Lost the C+ due to over time) C
  6. Steve from MarketCube – Tried a little french and failed MISERABLY. Spoke of issues, speed, quality, fairness. Over time. C-
  7. Rudy from Dapresy – Told a story, spoke of issues. Spoke in a person to person style. Spoke of products in terms of how useful they are.  Over time. B-
  8. Pascal from Klee Group – Tried to tell a story, spoke of using not just services, read his notes. Over time. C-
  9. Alistair from onDevice – Told a story with a few words about the products. C
  10. Rolfe from RealityMine – Showed video of the product, explained how data is used. Over time C
  11. Dimitri from CoolTool – PPT slides listing services, introduced new products and their pricing, Order now! Got a little chuckle from the audience. B-
  12. Tony from SampleAnswers – Read his notes. Defined a sample and sampling. Got several chuckles from the audience. Over time. B  WINNER

My apologies for the harsh grades. I was REALLY hoping for some creative presentations but everyone simply read their notes or described their products. Boy, us researchers need to learn to be more creative. Get a ukulele people!  🙂

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