How old do you feel and should brands care? #ESOMAR #MRX

esomarLive blogging from #ESOMAR Congress 2014 in Nice, France. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Dancing ‘Til We Drop: Global Ageing But Not As We Know It: The development and application of a universal age construct by David Bunker, BBC, UK
Kevin Cowan, BBC World Service, USA, Lisa Edgar, The Big Window Consulting, UK

  • Measure of perceived age, chronological age should only be assessed in conjunction with perceived age, some people see themselves as much younger and others feel a bit older (or other people see them as a bit older)
  • What drives perceived age?
  • They tested across 15 countries and 4 continents, 7500 completed surveys, 500 per country; 700 people also sent in photos of themselves and their clothes plus lifestyle information
  • Under 30 see themselves as a little bit older than they are. 30 is the turning point. At age 40 we see ourselves as 35. At age 50 we see ourselves as 42. At 75, we see ourselves as 60. [I really feel about 15 years old much of the time. Then I see I have a house and it’s like… what???]
  • Largest gaps are in Latin countries. European countries are closer to average.
  • Younger at heart are more eextroverts more open, more interested in the world, engaged in the world, keen for technology, more rock/pop music, cinema, friends, wearing jeans and informal clothes, admire johnny dep, broader range of TV and radio, more media friendly, interested in world news, more likely to consume BBC
  • Older at heart are more likely to be introverts, self contained, focus on domestic life, theater, classical music, musicals, guys wearing suits and formal clothes, admire George clooney, interested in domestic news, less BBC friendly
  • How does their audience feel about their age? Don’t treat your audience like unruly teens, don’t portray older people as the past was their best
  • How do you reach both a new young audience and a core older audience? need to adjust marketing content by geography.
  • World News skews younger at heard, Business matters skews older at heart
  • Who should endorse their brands? How do they segment holiday brands? What do they say to whom?

What Inspires The Curious Generation: An immersive technique that engages and empowers by Gitanjali Ghate, The Third Eye, India, Rahul Mullick, The Third Eye, India, Shibani Nayak, MTV Viacom 18, India, Sumeli Chatterjee, MTV Viacom 18, India
Sushma Panchawati, The Third Eye, India

  • How do you engage young Indians? Endear them to inspire them.
  • E=empowerment – put someone in the center of things, put them in the drivers seat, let them know how their work will be used, involve them in the end goal
  • N=newness – looking for something new and different, capture their imagination, let them discover the process and take initiative
  • D=  [sorry, missed this one]
  • E=Eclectic – do not codify, develop as you discover, customize and cater to their individuality
  • A=Award – acknowledge their contribution, award their ownership, recognize the contributors
  • R=Resolution, always close the circle, address their sense of purpose, let them see the results of their efforts
  • Give the ‘secret agents’ ‘secret tasks’ to complete.
  • Youth would rather be ridiculous than boring. Kill Boring! [Hell yeah!]

Vision Y: Shaping the future of the eyewear industry through the eyes of the Millennial consumer by Giuseppe Tonolini, The Marketing Lab, Italy, Simona Sbarbaro, Luxottica Group, Italy

  • Another study on millennials. Aren’t we looking at young people all the time [queue Tom Ewing’s rant]
  • [Makes me think, if we’re ALWAYS researching young people, it’s not really young people we’re researching. it’s generational change and cultural cohorts]
  • Millennials are a generation of trendsetters to whom other generations are looking at [isn’t that the same regardless of the fact it’s 2014?]
  • How to spot a millennial – Step 1 –  dress up as a police man, stop one and check their ID – aged 13 to 32. Step 2 – me or we? a millennial will pick me really fast. Step 3 – ask how they see their future, mobile, future – like to be creative and like their apps, Step 4 – how do you describe your parents friends or other people – millennials say their friends, Step 5 – texting on their phone; Millennials like international brands that give them a unique experience, They may change their clothes twice a day, they know what a selfie is, they play with their look one way being eyewear, sunglasses are a way to express themselves and 30% own rayban
  • from eyewear to I-wear
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