America: You aren’t representative of the world #MRX #WAPOR

At one of yesterday’s talks, someone mentioned they sometimes felt that #AAPOR didn’t realize the rest of the world isn’t American.

A second presentation this morning was a brutal reminder. Here are a few interesting tidbits I heard from Gina Cheung at the University of Michigan.

– they sometimes needed to send two interviewers to every house because men could only talk to men and women could only talk to women
– they didn’t understand why there were such long pauses in the interview times until they realized people had to stop to pray
– though many people had good bandwidth, they still needed to find internet cafés to upload data at reasonable speeds.

Researchers really need to remember that the world does not live in neighbourhoods like theirs, have jobs like theirs, eat like they do, or have access to services like they do. Even in our own country. Think outside your country. Think drastically less privileged.

Food for thought.

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