Sorry, I have Tourette’s

Imagine leaning towards the person beside you at the theatre and saying any of these:
– I’m sorry, I have red hair
– I’m sorry, I only speak English
– I’m sorry, I’m wearing a mismatched outfit today

And of course, imagine that every time you go to a public function you have to apologize to the people around you for having Tourette’s.

As if it was any of their business.
As if a piece of you needed to be pointed out.
As if it was something to apologize for.

Sadly, many people don’t understand and have little sympathy. So, to the young men at the theatre the other night, your laughter and hooting at one man wasn’t funny. I’m pretty sure he’s heard it all and is annoyed by it. But I’m also sure you loved all the movie’s fart jokes.

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