Doughnut Review: The Maple Bacon Doughnut at The Rolling Pin

IMG_2098-1.JPGI never go into bakeries near my work office. It’s dangerous. It can set a disastrous routine into place. But since we’re moving offices, anything is fair game right now. So hello, The Rolling Pin at Yonge and Lawrence!

First the good

  • this doughnut had real visible pieces of bacon on top. Not crumble. Not Baco bits. Real bacon. You can never beat real bacon.
  • the doughnut came with a syrup injector. YEAH. You read that correctly. That was fun and awesome.

Now the bad

  •  it was just a doughnut. Nothing flavoured, no bits inside. A regular glazed doughnut. And since the bulk of what you’re eating is doughnut…. well, you’d better like a plain glazed doughnut
  • most of the bacon fell off as soon as I touched it. as long as you don’t drop all that bacon on the floor you’re good so be prepared.

And the final score is… B.

Overall, I’d say check out the bakery. They have a few slightly oddly tasty things in there which is what every successful bakery needs.

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