The People Side of Innovation by Stefan Lindegaard #ESOMAR #ESOdigital #MRX

Live blogging from the #ESOMAR digital conference in Stockholm. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.esomar

The People Side of InnovationStefan Lindegaard, , Author and Strategic Advisor, 15inno, Denmark

  • he is a self-confessed nerd in innovation
  • now we need a new phone every 3 months instead of every 3 years
  • Embedded image permalinkanything can be copied around the world within 2 months because of transparency and communications
  • open innovation is a philosophy or mindset of innovation
  • thought leadership and thought intelligence are a necessity, being an engineer is no longer sufficient
  • discovery is the first great idea, not necessarily the engineer but anyone
  • incubation, acceleration are the next steps and require the right people at the right time
  • figure out which of your employees are good at these different areas and put them in the place for each project
  • how do you get access to these people?
  • you need intrapreneurial skills, networking talent, communication skills, strategic influencing, adaptive fast learner, balanced optimism, tolerance for uncertainty, passion
  • it’s not matching people to holes anymore
  • financial rewards aren’t necessarily the number 1 reward, but people really crave intellectual stimulation, if there’s money that’s great too
  • teams need to include more and different functions now, it’s not just engineers anymore
  • we need job rotation program, programs to learn as you go
  • need virtual collaboration
  • Embedded image permalinknetworking requires direction, training, and time – few executives get this
  • “since you are a person I trust, I wanted to invite you to join my network on linkedin” [i always find that funny too. i link with anyone who is a researchers, even before i know whether to trust them]
  • he goes to the movies at 11am so he can be by himself because he is an introvert, he’s learned to become a networker, but it helps him to focus, turn on the networking switch
  • innovation requires a networking culture
  • T-shape – two kinds of people, vertical is depth of skill which allows contribution. Horizontal disposition for collaborations cross disciplines  [engineers are really taking a hit 🙂 ]
  • Marissa Mayer at yahoo banned working at home – more productive working alone, but more innovative working in teams
  • there is no silver bullet – you can’t just make it happen, you need to create the right conditions for innovation to happen
  • intrapreneur – a person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for innovation
  • it is important to spot and develop a talent
  • 96% of all product innovation fails, too much focus on product and technology, your ROI comes from the business model and the networking
  • a corporate culture is carved in stone in the early years. you can’t just copy google
  • older people have never been trained in innovation, they don’t understand how it happens but they can execute
  • we need to stop rewarding only outcomes and results, we need to reward behaviours that lead to innovation
  • ideas are not the problem anymore, it’s getting the right people

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