Keynote: Jeff Hayzlett, Bestselling Author & Global Business Celebrity, The Hayzlett Group #MRIA14 #MRX

Live blogging from the #MRIA national conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.saskatoon

Jeff Hayzlett, Bestselling Author & Global Business Celebrity, The Hayzlett Group

  • His shows are viewed 40 times more than any other show, it’s the way they pick their shows
  • Used to spend 160  million per year on research
  • research should be pushing the edge more than any other group but they are the most conservative group
  • Kodak went out of business on the day the first digital photograph was produced
  •  Kodak was never in the film business, they were in the emotional memories business
  • “Kodak moments expire”
  • P1110131you don’t get in a car and lock the steering and gas in place, you make adjustments all along the way
  • We need to be agents of change
  • don’t ask for permission, don’t make committees, just do it, see it and fix it
  • we need problem solvers, not problem seekers. don’t come to me with a problem, bring me a solution
  • drink the koolaid
  • need people who operate between the silos, drive change
  • fear is a problem, fear only lasts for a couple of seconds, you must overcome those first few seconds and you will accomplish great things
  • a good maestro plays a lot of bad notes, that’s the nature of business, you will screw it up the first time
  • be brave enough to ask “What are you talking about”
  • create as much tension as you possibly can – no pain, no gain
  • your job is to go to the edge of the stage, some people will try to pull you back to the middle – HR, legal – but that’s not their job.
  • if you aren’t creating tension you’re not growing
  • radical transparency – biggest age of this ever, possibly too far right now – – when one group doesn’t do it, the other group helps out
  • P1110134recall the Domino’s commercial where the say “We Suck”.  Wonder if the guy who said that in the first meeting is still there. Someone decided we’re going to care more about what’s in the box than getting the box to you on time. Sales are through the roof now.
  • when you see the elephant in the room, speak up
  • can you raise the bar, poke someone in the eye
  • if you make  a mistake, no one is going to die
  • why do businesses promise? life should be about promises. set mutual conditions of satisfaction. if you make a promise, you can negotiate but I’d better something in return.
  • research is seen as a slowgate
  • 118 elevator pitch – this should not be a 48 page hour like PowerPoint pres
  • 8 seconds – average attention span of an adult
  • 110 seconds – average elevator ride
  • you have 8 seconds to give the hook – something that makes you lean in, be provocative
  • 110 seconds to explain the value, i don’t care who you did business with, it is enough time
  • if Moses can do it in 2 slides with 5 points each you can do it in 110 seconds  [HA HA HA that was funny 🙂  ]
  • you need to live the brand, look professional
  • a brand is a promise to deliver, you must shelter it and nurture it
  • if you suck offline, you will suck online, only faster
  • put your Kodak moment on the back of your business card, your personal branding
  • never be scared when you are in good company

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