“ICE”ing On the Cake -De-Constructing and Disrupting the Customer Experience by Anne Kossatz and Lesley Haibach #MRIA14 #MRX

Live blogging from the #MRIA national conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.saskatoon

“ICE”ing On the Cake -De-Constructing and Disrupting the Customer Experience
Anne Kossatz, Manager Strategic Marketing Research, RBC

Lesley Haibach, Vice President, Ipsos Reid Loyalty

  • the customer experience had flat lined, results were very stable especially at the corporate level
  • wanted agent level feedback, needed faster presentation of results
  • what makes an experience GREAT?
  • focus is on the experience – pre-call and post-call also have an influence on telephone customer experience
  • you need to focus on far more than just corporate level – apple and disney focus on the individual consumer
  • are you thinking about the music playing, what the line will be, what the store smells like
  • need to look at where in the interaction someone feels they’ve had a good experience
  • what do you THINK the line will be and what would be better – 10 people in line imagined versus 5 or 0 to make you feel better
  • 3 stages of study – understand expectations vs reality – key stakeholder interviews conducted
  • move to customer observation and interviews with an ethnographic experience, had consumers do an information gathering phone call
  • final stage is frontline staff validation sessions – brought in staff from all departments and found the pain points and what could be done to fix those
  • customer journey extends beyond the experience itself – IVR to live agent to transfer – people expect ease of navigation, empathy and engagement, warmth of transfer
  • also what is motivating them to make the call, is there any follow-up – these also matter
  • what are the door openers in the experience – what is the mood, headspace during the precall – transaction you don’t recognize, fear or anger or stress, 1 or 5 rings really matters. if you’re just changing your address while you watch TV at the same time, the mood is totally different.
  • people would prefer to stay on the line with an agent rather than stay on line with the agent, when you go to the branch you are technically put on hold but the teller keeps you engaged
  • client validation – you have to give your personal details several time even before you get to the right person – need to wait to hear the issue before the person is validated and has to give their personal information
  • client experience – it must be client first, need a warm transfer, sometimes problem is resolved but the client doesn’t realize it’s been fixed
  • HR realized it needed to hire not necessarily entry level people, but those with the ability to engage and delight customers
  • it’s time to rebuild the experience and the measurement of that experience

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