Beauty Care à la québécoise: Uncovering Beauty Care Differences Between Quebec and Ontario Women by Isabelle Landreville #MRIA14 #MRX

Live blogging from the #MRIA national conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.saskatoon

Beauty Care à la québécoise: Uncovering Beauty Care Differences Between Quebec and Ontario Women

Isabelle Landreville, Senior Partner, Sylvestre Marketing

  • Unilever needed to understand the 5Ws of women’s beauty care routines in Quebec vs Ontario
  • needed intimate revelations from the bathroom, the shower, seeing them put on their deodorant
  • constraints does not mean sacrifices
  • had an Ontario person lead the Ontario part, a Montreal person lead the Montreal part
  • needed one master list of hypotheses
  • went with online self-ethnography as a first step
  • many princesses were invited to the ball 🙂
  • had them take selfies, go shopping, videos of people using and talking about their products, dairies, go on missions and quests, had so many pictures and videos
  • for three days, let the net of data fill up
  • sometimes people were surprised at how much they opened up
  • talked about moms, sisters, confidence, oh and shopping
  • moved on to traditional ethnography
  • met with women in toronto, a more select group, now had a better sense of where they were going and figured out the three people they wanted
  • their screener was 15 pages, by far the worst 🙂
  • went to their homes and talked for 2 and a half hours, walked between rooms as they mimicked their entire routine
  • the three city leads made sure they stayed on top of the forest and the trees
  • there were more commonalities than differences but there were fundamental differences
  • idea of what you look like depends on where you are going, don’t need to look pretty for colleagues but do for your husband – toronto
  • in montreal – 24/7 conscious of appearance and have to always look good, it’s not about being good to your skin – if you’re sick, you don’t have makeup on
  • ended with a 28 slide presentation and 15 videos

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