Getting to Deeper Insights Using Real Time Mobile Phone Video Chats for Qualitative Research by Rachel Geltman #CASRO #MRX

Live blogging from the #CASRO tech conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

“Getting to Deeper Insights Using Real Time Mobile Phone Video Chats for Qualitative Research” by Rachel Geltman, CEO, Video Chat Network

  • starbucks case study – saw more vivid language describing the drink, before and after what they were expecting, sensory cues as they were drinking it, stronger reactions to the product versus a scale on a survey, role of a cup of coffee in a day
  • in-home experience was less visceral, more generic, professional descriptions, not the laughter and love seen in the in-store experience
  • case study with SUVs – they ensured safety of the driver first. more descriptive brand imagery, more reflections on themselves as drivers, more under the radar descriptions of tiny little things that no one really pays attention to.
  • in-home experience was more like listening to them recite a commercial they saw on TV, there is was conscious recall of things many of which could be forgotten. you can’t understand the experience of being in the vehicle
  • case study on mobile phone – it’s all about the touch, sensory experience of holding the phone, they’ve already done all the research, they know the pricing. people talk about how it feels, how it looks. people say the like to get a feel for the phone but they can’t put their hand around it because of the weight of the lock in the store [YEAH!!!!]
  • Embedded image permalinkin-home – they had to probe to see if people touched or picked up the phone. lots of talking about what people said or what the salesperson said. people would respond that they picked up the phone but they didn’t really talk about how the phone felt in their hands
  • in-environment testing is a powerful stimulator, more descriptive, more creative, more passionate, more insightful [GET THE WEIGHT OFF THE IN-STORE PHONE. sorry for yelling 🙂 ]
  • latent motivators like touching, sensing happens in-experience not in-home, very vivid and concrete language that a creative person would be desperate to get
  • really good for up-front developmental, exploratory research, good for ‘how should a store be designed’, what should the copy read, how should the packaging be designed

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