Wearables, Quantified Self and Market Research: How the FitBit era changes everything by Sriram Subramania #CASRO #MRX

Live blogging from the #CASRO tech conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

“Wearables, Quantified Self & Market Research: How the FitBit era changes everything” by Sriram Subramanian, CEO, ZoomRx

  • “Quantifiable self” – we can measure every aspect of our lives
  • 8% of the room has a fitbit, 15% use a food log, 15% use an exercise log, a few people want to buy a smart watch
  • “what gets measured gets managed”
  • we have access to more data than we ever have
  • everything will soon be microchipped or networked, this is the 4th revolution – cheaper sensors, mobile and ubiquity, tons of data
  • we’ve measured what we eat, when and how we exercise, how much we sleep, our heartrates, our driving patterns
  • we always think of sensors and wearables as hardware – nest is a thermostat, fitbit is stuck on your clothes, but they also include APIs
  • opportunity for researchers is fractured and fragmented
  • need to transition from stated to revealed data
  • need to get realtime insights
  • mint.com offered to put together all your data from disparate sources into one place, and tell you a valuable story of your life, allow you to set goals and track, paid via advertising in your stream
  • Smartwatch

    researchers can do this – bring together disparate data, tell stories, give insights; don’t just collect it, use it

  • smartwatches will let us collect in the moment real time data [i do want one. i absolutely not need one but i do want one. :/ ]
  • mentioned today’s announcement from Samsung, “Simband,” a wristwatch-like device that can measure a user’s heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure. [want that!!]
  • will allow you to trigger surveys based on geolocation – microlocation, it’s handsfree [like a phone, would any smartwatch users NOT have a smartphone?]
  • “moment of truthy”  🙂
  • Fitbit

    challenges – privacy and ethics, opt-in, security, focus on insight vs data [seriously with this much data you have to tear yourself out of the data and deliberately focus on insight], staying on top of emerging technologies

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