The Future is Wow: Trends and Technology That Will Define The Decade to Come by Sarah Kunst #CASRO #MRX

Live blogging from the #CASRO tech conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

The Future is Wow: Trends and Technology That Will Define The Decade to Come, by Sarah Kunst, Venture Investor, Philanthropist, Startup Executive

  • we were promised flying cars and driverless cars and now we kind of have them. everything that was supposed to come true is starting to happen right now. in the market, or will be in the marketing within just a few years.
  • Super thin LEDs – 10 times thinner a human hair, ultracapacitors and nanowires in your clothes, graphene, thin film semiconductors. Imagine a computer the size of a finger nail, computers built into the thread of your clothing
  • Panopticon now – Miss America was being stalked by a $40 piece of equipment, talking pictures of her from her own laptop, largest cyber sting ever, over 18 countries. Everything has a camera now and for $40 someone can access all of them.
  • Are you worried that google is listening to everything you say? even if you’re not physically using google? everything you say on your phone, write on your phone is being recorded – even if you backspace and delete the text before you send it. when you tell your phone to ‘call mom’ it is recording that voice. facebook has my permission to track the ambient noises around me to listen to the tv shows i watch, all in the name of serving me better ads. [yikes!!]
  • [hey speakers – pointing the slide clicker at the screen won’t help. point it at the computer 🙂 ]
  • is this ok to do for national security? for serving ads? because it’s china or north korea doing it? when is it ethical, useful, need to know? about the messages I’ve never sent?
  • Bionic – 3D printed casts – imagine how superheroes get a superpower? Well, if you get into a horrid accident now, we can actually fix you – hook you up to an exoskeleton and now you can lift and walk and stand like you never have before. you CAN get a robot arm controlled by muscles in your feet. 3D printed skin is available – you can 3D print based on only 10% of skin left after a terrible burn, will be used in field by the army in 2017.
  • Asteroid mineral mining – a trillion dollar business and will deploy in 2017 to catch an asteroid and drill it. Does this mean we will never have wars again because we can get oil and more from asteroids? [of course not]
  • Indoor farming – build farms in abandoned warehouses – 50 000 square foot warehouse is the equivalent of a 50 acre farm, imagine the savings from shipping costs, imagine all the “locally produced” changes
  • Further reading to see what will be changing
  • future is now and the  future is wow


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