Tablets Killed the Paper Star by Ofer Heijmans #CASRO #MRX

Live blogging from the #CASRO tech conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Track: Jagaad! Tech Innovation Around the Globe  
“Tablets Killed the Paper Star” by 
Ofer Heijmans, CEO, Dooblo

  • tablets instead of paper can cost half the price and be done twice as fast as paper survey – transportation, printing, error prevention, and quality – 10X the data quality of paper surveys in an emerging country
  • survey logic is brought to the device not a human interviewer
  • surveys can include media, video, audio, take pictures of the person, a shelf
  • [not sure why we’re comparing tablets to paper surveys in  a traditional way…]
  • tablets have gps, can see the route of a survey taker, exactly what time of day for each person, see the people on a map, map it to GIS systems
  • [note from below – making more sense now, this solution is particularly relevant for emerging and developing markets]
  • silent recording, as opposed to sound recording, so third party can listen to the interview taking place to confirm the interview actually took place given that some regions are so dangerous interviewers might try to avoid going there [hmmm distrust of the interviewer?]
  • can captured all variations of timing – start, stop, question by question, where did responders take more or less time to determine questions that were difficult to answer or understand
  • photocasrocan achieve 100% quality validation on every interview – GPS location and timing and listening to how questions were said and responses were given [you need some serious transparency messaging with people for this!]
  • 7 inch device is a good size for CAPI, make sure device has at least 1 gig of of internal memory, need front and back camera, want device with GPS and AGPS for locations without internet, emerging markets may only work with wifi since there may not be any 3G
  • use a cloud based solution as there may not be easy access to data centers, have offline support, ensure secure data and transport of the tablet, have disaster recovery mechanisms for broken screens and dead batteries
  • get a midrange device – high range will drain your device and low range will last an hour – midrange is only around $120 today
  • speaker grew up with the army and the essential need was to safely transport data without losing any of it
  • [judge of a great presenter – audience asks the speaker the brand name of their tech 🙂 ]


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