Minority Report: Collaborative Insight Synthesis and Immersive Storytelling by Mark Kershisnik #CASRO #MRX

Live blogging from the #CASRO tech conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Minority Report: Collaborative Insight Synthesis and Immersive Storytelling by Mark Kershisnik, Senior Director Global Market Research & Operations, Eli Lilly and Company

  • from choppy understanding to uniform action – insights need to be really put into play, no point unless you use it
    when we have an issue of not selling – we go off and say we need this new and that new all of which costs a lot of money
  • let’s move from a bunch of people with a bunch of ideas to one uniform message
  • eli lilly is a big pharma company with a big research component, lots of tech in all phases of the research work
  • how can we speed up these insights
  • we need to massively leverage technology, we need cross functional team member engagement, we need quantitative MRX and social media analysis and clinical data
  • Ask: please develop the capability to aid the creation and capture of evolved human thought, and make it real time collaborative and virtual, and immersive would be really good too, and we only have this much money
  • do you still use white boards and cameras to share information among employees? why aren’t you using massive high res touch display systems?
  • explorer room – bring your FRIENDS into the room via technology, extensible, immersive, virtual; real time knowledge synthesis with contributor and participants knowledge; cloud connected, super computing enabled, product studio
  • English: The logo of Eli Lilly and Company.they record all the stories with customers, patients, physicians, payers, employees, you have a movie of what happens over the entire experience
  • being in a room feels like like you can hear about it, see pictures, read about it , but you have to feel the emotion and experience the impact
  • allows you to put a human face and human emotion
  • everything comes together, all data, in one place
  • The CLUE center is a window into the world, 7 to 10 projects per day, watching focus groups and IDIs around the world from this room, sometimes 30 or 40 people from every functional discipline watching
  • try to do everything in the first person, don’t want to translate it into a powerpoint slide
  • when people hear it directly from the person with the problem, it creates new perspective
  • immersion environments let people see things, it occupies their entire field of vision
  • Embedded image permalinkenjoying a live feed from the CLUE explorer room right right now  [think of all the CSI TV shows that flick the screens all over the place, yeah, like that, and more] See this Vine video
  • collectively truly understand what people are going through by allowing everyone in the production chain to truly see what’s happening and how people feel
  • saves millions in dollars in travel by so many people all around the world
  • we’ll get to play with the tech over lunch time [people are going to love that. imagine all your social media outlets on a giant screen covering the entire wall. yeah, drooling 🙂  ]
  • have converted to phonetically searchable [stunning!!!]

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