Market Research in 2020 by Bartolone, Comer, McDougall, and Milla #CASRO #MRX

Live blogging from the #CASRO tech conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Track: Tech Impact: Research Transformation
“Market Research in 2020”

Gloria Park Bartolone

Patrick Comer

Mary McDougall

Peter Milla
  • Mary McDougall
  • the research process is unoptimized, technology vendors are small and narrowly focused
  • technology often dictates methodology
  • standards are slow to emerge
  • innovation is on the fringes, it’s not happening in the mainstream online with smartphones and tablets, these are areas of growth
  • innovation is where vendors add value  or workflow automation or industry specific packaging or cost reductions
  • Gloria Park Bartolone
  • Embedded image permalink3Vs will transform industry velocity, variety, and volume of data
  • velocity transforms experience
  • twitter has been around for 7 seven years, the iphone almost the same, ipad wasn’t on the market just 4 years ago
  • digital wallet can help us get to point of sale, moment of truth
  • iBeacon – can tell you not only the store but which aisle of the store, you can talk to someone when they are standing in front of the competitors product
  • most methodologies from today will likely still be around but there will be a lot of new ones
  • facial recognition has interesting implications, you don’t have to come with attribute lists anymore, may never have to ask opinions because we’ll just do a brain scan
  • google glass will be figured out for market research
  • new tech has privacy issues, we will be ahead of privacy challenges
  • we have to pixilate people in the backgrounds of photo
  • what is the best method of getting information as opposed to CAN we get the information, who will aggregate the information for us
  • Patrick Comer
  • the research process has a number of steps, problem is time between steps and it’s all labour intensive
  • speed is going to be a defining factor in the choosing of vendors, as well as automation of designing, bidding, programming, fielding, analyzing, and reporting, seemingly more DIY style
  • demographics are now far more targeted
  • who will own the dashboard of all the datasets integrated into one for the CEO to review
  • how much of data on a survey already exists in multiple other places versus completely new and only available. this is how to shorten surveys and make them tolerable


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