Five Rapid-Fire Tech Innovation Pitches #CASRO #MRX

Live blogging from the #CASRO tech conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

AscribeDean Kotchka, Chief Product Officer

  • manage unstructured text
  • better to be lucky than good, luck is when preparation meets opportunity
  • was the original name of the company – outsourcing coding work to people around the country
  • Ascribeneeded software to make coders more productive
  • originally turned down by top MR firms but the firms were interested in their software, not their services
  • the software itself caused disruption
  • process 300 million comments this year, globally
  • now can code audio, video, images
  • have automated coding models, text analytics, sentiment and constructs
  • aiming for facial coding, image similarity, auto translation, context sensitive brand identification

Cross-Tab Marketing ServicesStephan Mayer, Vice President, Operations & Client ServicesCross Tab

  • troublesome data file searches, error prone retrieval, weak or wrong linkages, short shelf live of data
  • put all historical data on one platform
  • search semantically for data, filter, create custom reports

InContext SolutionsRich Scamehorn, Chief Research Officer

  • bring virtual reality to consumers over the internet
  • could be CPG or restaurants, electronics, stadium, airport
  • attempt is to put people in the real context of real world at individual level
  • incontext solutions logoinsights into how it might be in the real world
  • [ah, airport does have people all over the place including lines]
  • starts with screening as you would for a survey or any other study, when qualify then go through virtual shopping
  • can use home computer and mouse and keyboard, give people as ‘mission’ like go buy a specific product and then they have control to walk through the environment on their own, they can pick up a product by clicking on it, full 3D viewing and zooming of product [also very cool, this I would like to try]
  • clients can mess around with the content or placement of a sign, done through drag and drop interface, build a pallet display
  • collaborate and iterate with team or retailers and test it
  • want to extend to other business decisions – decision trees, what do they do if a product isn’t there? buy a different product? go somewhere else?
  • want to integrate third party data as well

TrueSampleMark Menig, General Manager 

  • around since 2008
  • multi-panel membership is quite high
  • 11% of survey responses come from people who are on just one panel
  • 20% of survey responses come from people who are on 10 or more panels
  • machine fingerprinting can help control duplicate respondents especially when accessing multiple panels for responders
  • duplicates represent a high proportion of poor quality markers
  • now imagine the problem where one person is on multiple panels AND they use a laptop, a work computer, a mobile phone and a tablet. they can no longer be seen as one person. they are four people now.
  • TrueMatch is aimed at multi-device duplicates

VennliDan Farrell, Vice President, Customer Success and Sales

  • Vennlie – SAS application to collect and interpret insights
  • Venn diagram of customer, company, and competition
  • madlib format of statement which flows through to a survey
  • Vennlidesignate choice factors that customers used among offerings – price, quality, features, prestige, accessibility
  • survey has 4 sections – screener, rating, ownership and intent, demographics
  • client uploads their CRM list using salesforce or whatever they use, can use sampling strategy over time if need be
  • ask clients to take the same survey based on how they think their clients will respond, to identify disconnects [fabulous idea]
  • assign items to various portions of a venn diagram of customer, company, competition

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